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Stratton Oakmont Training Guide Pdf

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He also influenced him into the money laundry business. He was only interested in success and reputation and not the morality of his actions; therefore he learnt the aggressive pitch style of sales which was different from his previous experience.

This makes the fellowship perspective in leadership very important.

Jackson and Parry were of the opinion that, the more followers perceive leaders to be heroes and winners of our time, the more likely these leaders will keep on winning. This could be seen from the movie when Belfort met his first manager at Wall street. After hearing of his success he became his role model.

He learnt his every move and style of doing things irrespective of whether it was ethical or unethical. They are constantly faced with ambiguous responsibilities and conflicting demands which make their work more complex. They are often faced with ambiguous demands of their constituents and in understanding their managerial role and identity Hills, This is evident in the movie when Belfort started his firm. He first started selling penny stocks but soon realized that was not enough so he changed into dealing in dicey stocks.

He was no longer the low level employee, but now a new manager faced with different and complex challenges. He has became an agenda setter, were he must makes complex decision for his followers. He realized he could not do things the way things were done at his former work place so he developed a strategy convincing companies on floating on the stock market. Before, he was just to sell the stocks, now he realized he has to chase the companies to bring the stocks for him to sell. He had to develop interpersonal skills with his constituents in order to build a key network of relationship.

Copy of Stratton Oakmont Sales Script

Belfort interpersonal relationship with Nicky allowed him to meet the Swiss bankers. Even though on-the-job learning is important in corporate organization, training plays a necessary role in management Hills, Who trains you can affect your managerial style.

The manager who trained Belfort taught him two things. Firstly, he taught him to jerk off in order to stay relax. Secondly, he taught him to use cocaine to stay effective and think fast.

And this is what Belfort developed and used for his success. Even though becoming a manger, one must learn on the job and be also trained by a superior, we must learn from ethical leaders. Belfort leadership style can be seen as unethical. Belfort has become successful with his firm through hard work.

He has to deal with diverse and complex demands from peers. However, for him it does not matter how he choses these successes.

His entire firm operation is illegal, and indulges in gambling, fraud and money laundering. For him it was only about the money and the reputation that he wants to build for himself. Those who did not know him personally could not know of all the unethical behavior which is driving his success.

As Jackall 59 stated, some managers assiduously learned to put on a mask that covers the real struggles and ethical issues in the organisation Jackall, Even though the movie shows Belfort as strengthening his followers by motivating and teaching them how to talk to clients, and building trust by assigning middle management position to Donnie and others.

He did not consider service before self, but rather considered self before service.

According to Alvesson , managers benefit at the detriment of their subordinate. Managers get what they want because the organization is set up to benefit the managers who are controlling it Jackall, 39 In authentic leadership, the leader must have a clear knowledge about himself in relation to his beliefs, preference, and values and behave consistently by acting on that knowledge Jackson and Parry, , and Hill, Belfort is seen as an authentic leader because he discovers himself and his potential after working for the penny stock.

He acted on that self knowledge by quitting his job and establishing his own firm. He discovers his style of employing subordinate with unethical background. And develop a high pressure sales stock tactics that manipulate clients.

He remained consistent with this self-knowledge to obtain his success and reputation by insisting not to resign even though the FBI was out for his head. Their organization culture is the way they do things.

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The organizational culture in Wall Street shaped Belfort who was a decent young man into an unethical ambitious man who manipulates stocks and security. Again, a young man in the firm was fired by Donnie for putting on bow tie which was in contrary to the way they dress at the firm. This action saw a loud applaud by the employees who believe in the culture of the firm.

Jackson and Parry saw this behavioural power as an authority that is automatic and legitimate in hierarchical structure of an organization. However, Belfort did not exercise too much power with his position and authority, but rather showed support to his fellowship in order to become trust worthy Hill, Conclusion From the above it can be seen that many upper managers do not care much about their moral actions in exercise and performance of their duty.

But rather, concentrate on achieving success through getting more money and building a reputation for themselves in the contemporary corporate organization. Therefore, effective leadership must be studied through ethical perspective and not just the way we get people to follow us Jackson and Parry, Even so, we have to examine what is considered as moral, and must be done based on context.

For one to be an effective leader, one must be both ethical-transformational leader and ethical- transactional leader. The greater responsibility of a leader is to produce social and material conditions for their followers and constituents to flourish Ciulla, The ethical system that is design in many organisation must be examined through the interaction of many forces.

The leader must set the ethical underpinning through policy, which will also guide the organization in hiring and operationalizing its functions. This cannot also be attained without the efforts of constituents and stakeholders. So, we carefully separated the original sales script and scanned each page. In doing so we have now made it available for electronic download, perfect for ipad, iphone, or computer viewing! How much does it cost?

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So, we carefully separated the original sales script and scanned each page. In doing so we have now made it available for electronic download, perfect for ipad, iphone, or computer viewing! What stratton oakmont sales script the essentials of concept sales pitch? I mean honestly, [firstname], honestly, seriously Prey: So, we salds separated the original sales script and scanned each page.

It follows a whitecollar criminal, imprisoned for his stockbroking illegalities. Please do not use this training guide stratton oakmont sales script hurt or defraud people! This page may be out of date. How much does it cost? So what do you say? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: We then created a digital media file to share with sales professionals, fans, and collectors around the world!

And, no, I did not find it on the Stratton oakmont sales script, first.I began my career in , but really started with these methods to begin the year You want to do that Wolf: Of course, I did not want to get so far, but I wanted to study his persuasion skills. That was one potential title for this blog. This action saw a loud applaud by the employees who believe in the culture of the firm.

Again, the third part covers the analysis of the study.

This could be seen in the weekly report that he was giving his subordinate and how he makes them understand that his firm is where people dreams could come true. He was able to transform the attitude of his employees from what he called losers to winners.

In view of this, our aim is to determine the importance of ethics and reputation in corporate organization. They do not care about the success of the company, but rather how best they can maintain their reputation and success overtime by achieving the necessary results through any means.