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Words are used in sentences. American and British pronunciations are provided. It is modified wherever the creator finds any inappropriate item. In addition to. zetom.info: Absolutely Essential Words (): Murray Bromberg, Julius Liebb, Arthur Traiger: Books. Absolutely Essential Words book. Read 52 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This carefully selected vocabulary collection is the.

504 Essential Words Book

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Absolutely Essential Words. bylearning languages Identifier AbsolutelyEssentialWords_ Identifier-arkark://t6qz5sq6b. PRONUNCIATION GUIDE The pronunciation of the absolutely essential words included in this book are those used by edu- cated. Find out more about Absolutely Essential Words by Murray Bromberg, Julius Liebb, Arthur Traiger at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts.

Benham, Quotations 1.

All religions have different beliefs and traditions. The rural life is much more peaceful than the city one. The burden of the country's safety is in the hands of the president. Ricky carried the burden throughout his college career. Jeff moved offcampus when he decided it was cheaper to live at home. I chose to go to Penn State because it has a beautiful campus. A majority ofvotes was needed for the bill to pass.

In some countries, the government does not speak for the majority of the people. The rioters assembled outside the White House.

I am going to assemble a model of a spacecraft. The weather bureau explored the effects of the rainy weather. Sara wanted to know if all of the methods for solving the problem had been explored.

Valerie only discussed topics that she knew well. The debate between the two candidates was heated.

Absolutely Essential Words 6th Edition

Debate in the U. Senate lasted for five days. In order to evade the police dragnet, Ernie grew a beard.

The prisoner of war evaded questioning by pretending to be sick. The lawyer probed the man's mind to see if he was innocent. King Henry's actions were carefully probed by the noblemen. After the prison riot, the council decided to reform the correctional system. Brad reformed when he saw that breaking the law was hurting people other than himself.

Shape Up at Shaker Each summer at the Shaker Work Group, a special school in rural Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where teenagers learn by working, it has been a tradition to have the teenagers take on the burden of set- ting their own rules and living by them.

Although there are some adults on the campus, teenagers are a majority.

One summer the group assembled to explore the topic of lights-out time. There was little debate until Everyone at the Shaker Work Group works a min- Fill in the Blanks Place one ofthe new words in each ofthe blanks below.

I left the city for a peaceful farm. Since everyone has to get up early, no one wanted to stay up later at night anyway. Few teenagers at the Shaker Work Group try to evade the rules. Their aim is to reform the rule breaker. He tried to questions he didn't know how to answer. The of people wanted him to be president. The guests began to for Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas trees are a popular for many people.

I want to all the cities I haven't visited. If Gene doesn't , he will get into serious trouble. He had to do research on the of biology for a school report. Historians will the causes of the war in Iraq.

Spotlight On majority-In the past, we heard politicians talk about the "silent majority," meaning the average Americans who are decent persons, earn livings, follow the laws of the land, all in a quiet way. Those politicians might have been surprised to learn that when the philosophers and writers of old used the term "silent majority" they were referring to dead people.

The lawyers in the trial were often asked to approach the bench. Her beau kissed Sylvia when he approached her.

Sam Spade detected that the important papers had vanished. From her voice it was easy to detect that Ellen was frightened. My Chevrolet was sent back to the factory because of a steering defect. The employees went on strike for higher wages. My boss had to tire many employees when meat became scarce.

Joey wanted to go into business for himself and stop being an employee. Bob's car got dirty when he neglected to keep it polished. Virginia cried when she learned that her best friend had deceived her. The Beatles wrote many popular songs. At one time miniskirts were very popular.

The police made a thorough search of the house after the crime had been reported. My science teacher praised Sandy for doing a thorough job of cleaning up the lab. Mom decided to spend the day in giving the basement a thorough cleaning. My uncle tried to get General Motors to be a client of his company. If this restaurant doesn't improve its service, all its clients will vanish.

After a comprehensive exam, my doctor said I was in good condition. Silver wanted us to do a comprehensive study of Edgar Allan Poe. My aunt saved thousands of dollars by defrauding the government.

The Health of Your Car The newest approach to automobile repair is the clinic, a place where car doctors go over an auto- mobile in an attempt to detect defects. Since the clinic does no repairs, its employees do not neglect the truth.

So many automobile owners feel that mechanics deceive them that the clinics, even though they undoubtedly charge high fees, are quite popular. Picture It The experts do a thorough job for each client. Best of all, the comprehensive examination takes only about half an hour. With the clinic's report in your hand no mechanic will be able to defraud you by telling you that you need major repairs when only a small repair is necessary.

Each of our workers is trained to give your car a examination. Which two words might fit this sentence? Tom jones was the best singer in the choir when he was young.

He could the problem from all angles. Spector always wanted to be with her friends. Why did you cleaning your room today? The bought his boss a birthday present.

Rocco's only was that he walked with a slight limp. None of the other poker players suspected that their friend would them in order to win.

I could from the tone of his voice that he was in a bad mood. His was happy with the work Terence had been doing for him. I do not want to do anything less than a job on my term paper. Many oftoday's popular, comprehensive songs will become tomorrow's Golden Oldies. My boss insists that all of the employees, clients punch a time clock each morning. I approached, detected a hint of sarcasm in your seemingly innocent reply to the sales clerk who apologized for the long lines.

Our weekly vocabulary quizzes are comprehensive, popular , including not only that week's new words, but words we learned in past weeks as well. Rodriguez undoubtedly, comprehensively felt she had been unjustly accused of showing favoritism, but most of her students felt otherwise. Her thorough, popular description of the missing bracelet helped police find it.

We've all learned that if you defraud, neglect your teeth, you will surely develop dental problems of one kind or another. To defraud, deceive someone into thinking you are a friend when you are only along for the ride is selfish and unfeeling. Since your livelihood depends on pleasing them, clients, employees , like customers, are always right. Defect was defined for you as a noun: The following exercises will test how well you learned some of those words.

In each of the parentheses below you will find two of the new vocabulary words. Pick the one that fits better. Remember, the sentences should make good sense. It was a dense, typical day in July, hot and sticky. Please realize that if you try to climb the icy mountain peril, tradition awaits you. The mechanic defected, detected an oil leak in the engine. How could you recline, neglect paying the rent? Felix made a sinister, frigid remark that sent chills up and down my spine.

Many questions had to be answered before Mrs.

Soto could qualify, evade for the job. I am unaccustomed, dismal to receiving gifts from people I don't know very well. Factory-made goods are plentiful, but farm products are rural, scarce. When he got to the jail, the people in charge tried to reform, abandon him.

In Column I are ten words taught in Lessons Match them correctly with their opposite meanings, which you will find in Column II. Column I Column II 1. Which of the vocabulary choices in parentheses fits best in these newspaper headlines? From the list of words below choose the word that means: Letter of Complaint.

The following business letter uses 10 words that appeared in Lessons Fill in the blanks with those words, selected from the group below: Since that was not my fault, I believe that I am entitled to receive a new set. Sincerely, Arthur Karnes Answer key, p.

Words That Do Double Duty. Some of the words in this book can be used as different parts of speech. The sample sentences for the word gallant show it to be an adjective, a word that describes a noun or pronoun: However, gallant can be used as a noun when we say: Make up two sentences for each of the above words, showing how it could be used as two different parts of speech.

After Iwasted two months, I had to abandon v. At the party, Edith danced with reckless abandon n. The supermarket's owner planned to postpone the grand opening until Saturday. My teacher consented to let our class leave early. David would not consent to our plan. From lifting weights, Willie had developed massive arm muscles. The small capsule contained notes the spy had written after the meeting. The outfielder's records are preserved in the Baseball Hall of Fame.


The father denounced his son for lying to the district attorney. Going to Africa was a unique experience for us. The inventor developed a unique method of making ice cream. Albie has a unique collection of Israeli stamps.

Bertha resented the way her boyfriend treated her. The earthquake victim resented the poor emergency care. Columbus resented the fact that his crew wanted to turn back. My neighbor was molested when walking home from the subway. Lifeguards warned the man not to molest any of the swimmers. My cousin was gloomy because his best friend had moved away. We had some unforeseen problems with the new engine.

The divers faced unforeseen trouble in their search for the wreck. But suppose you are dying from an incurable illness now. If only you could postpone death until a cure was found! Now some people are trying to do just that.

One young man consented to having his body frozen and placed in a massive capsule in order to preserve it until doctors find a cure for his disease. Some peo- Picture It pie have denounced this unique experiment with a torrent of angry words. They resent human attempts to molest the natural order of life and death.

There is also a gloomy fear that the world is already overcrowded and that people have to die to make room for those who are about to be born.

We have tried for over years to the United States Constitution. Will Karen to having her baby picture published in the school newspaper? I found a collection of old books in the attic. Dave knew that if he mistreated her, she would it. The president the criminal activities that were going on. Owning a house created difficulties. The new movie invited a of disapproval. The was filled with records of the past.

It was a job for just one person to unload the big truck. Spotlight On preserve-Would you expect any connection between this word and family? Well, there is. In ancient times man was master of his household familia and the person who served him was the woman who had been captured and preserved from slaughter in order to work for the conqueror. In the s a ser- vant was called a familiar.

LESSON Words to learn This Week exaggerate amateur mediocre variety valid survive weird prominent security bulky reluctant obvious 24 "By words the mind is excited and the spirit elated. The bookkeeper exaggerated her importance to the company.

The amateur cross-country runner wanted to be in the Olympics. After his song, Don was told that he wasn't good enough to be anything but an amateur.

Absolutely Essential Words 5th edition

After reading my composition, Mrs. Evans remarked that it was mediocre and that I could do better.

The movie wasn't a great one; it was only mediocre. Eldorado Restaurant serves a wide variety of foods. The show featured a variety of entertainment. Some people believe that only the strongest should survive.

She looked weird with that horrible makeup on her face. Allen felt that weird things were starting to happen when he entered the haunted house. Becky had a weird feeling after swallowing the pills. Napoleon is a prominent figure in the history of France. Her violet eyes were the prominent feature of the model's face.

Our janitor likes the security of having all doors locked at night. When the president travels, strict security measures are taken. Charley and Morty removed the bulky package from the car. It was easy to see that Herman was reluctant to go out and find a job. It was obvious that the lumberjack was tired after his day's work.

The detective missed the clue because it was too obvious. One out of every four amateur musi- cians in the United States plays the guitar. Trying to find valid reasons for the guitar's ability to survive through the years isn't hard.

But most peo- ple are reluctant to accept this idea because there are more obvious reasons for playing a guitar. Most people agreed that he was a looking man because of the long red beard. Chuck's reason for quitting his job was ; he was not being paid. The answer to the question was so that everyone knew it. The tennis player would never make the Olympic squad. She was to take on any more responsibilities at work. People often tend to stories they hear.

Because the box was so it took two men to lift it. Even though he was not a professional, the photographer entered the contest. A wide of shows is playing at the concert hall. Meyers is a member of the staff. We all hoped that the small boat would the storm. Something that met you on the way, therefore, was obvious. Look up the meanings of the Latin roots of some of the other words in Lesson 8 such as exaggerate, survive, and prominent.

Living in the vicinity of New York, Jeremy was near many museums. George Washington lived in the eighteenth century. The United States is more than two centuries old.

Joan's bad manners sent her mother into a rage. In a fit of rage, Francine broke the valuable glass. Most people are happy when they conclude their work for the day. Work on the building could not be concluded until the contract was signed. It is undeniable that most professionals can beat any amateur.

Totie could not resist eating the chocolate sundae. Your daily diet should not lack fruits and vegetables.

Little Alice realized that if she didn't behave, her parents would ignore her. Older brothers and sisters often feel ignored when their parents only spend time with a new baby. Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel. Trying to become a doctor was quite a challenge, Dick discovered. The young boy wanted a miniature sports car for his birthday. The college student knew that he needed more than a basic textbook as a source for his report.

The source of Buddy's trouble was boredom. More About the Guitar The guitar is one of the oldest instruments known to man. It probably originated in the vicinity of China. There were guitars in ancient Egypt and Greece as well, but the written history of the guitar starts in Spain in the 13th century. By the gui- tar was popular in Italy, France, and Spain. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love.

Sign up and get a free eBook! Sixth Edition Trade Paperback. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. About The Authors. Murray Bromberg.

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Julius Liebb. New Releases. Specific Skills ELT: Specific Skills. Notify me. Description This carefully selected vocabulary collection is the essential core of words that need to be known and correctly used by middle schoolers, ESL students, and other adults for whom English is a second language. It presents 42 brief but effective word-building lessons.

Each lesson introduces twelve new words contained in sample sentences and short articles. Fill-in-the-blanks exercises help students gauge their word-building progress. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Back cover copy [back cover] Absolutely Essential Words Fifth Edition This book presents and reviews the essential words you need to know and correctly use for fluency in spoken and written English.The Health of Your Car The newest approach to automobile repair is the clinic, a place where car doctors go over an auto- mobile in an attempt to detect defects.

Everyone knew each other, and Iwas like an alien from outer space. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

Before the wedding, all his bachelor friends had a party. Cancel Save. She looked weird with that horrible makeup on her face. No one has ever had even a of the future.