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The Manhattan Review Turbocharge Your GMAT prepara- developed Quantitative Glossary and Verbal Vocabulary List with detailed. GMAT Vocabulary List Top Vocabulary Words - Vocabulary List: Vocabulary Critical Reasoning GMAT Strategy Guide, 6th Edition (Manhattan Prep. GMAT Vocabulary List MovieHONG abaft English and German are cognate languages. Top Vocabulary Words - Vocabulary List: Vocabulary.

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GMAT Vocabulary. Word. Primary. Meaning/S. Usage Example. Add To My List. Actuate put into motion. The lack of sufficient money for the project actuated him. zetom.info | 1 |. E. GMAT Vocabulary. Page 2. zetom.info | 2 | economic recession. A significant decline in economic activity spread across the. zetom.info 1 | Page. I. GMAT Vocabulary. Page 2. zetom.info 2 | Page imitate. Verb: 1. To make a copy of; reproduce closely. Syn: reproduce.

Verb moves us using large blades PT: Verb havoc Noun. Trans Verb something that is made of PT: To attract attention to highlighting something.

Verb highlight Noun. Interjection A low or soft noise produced to show displeasure. Page 45 GMAT. Noun Someone who is dedicated to making the lives of people better..

Adjective Adjective Don't sit idle in the idiosyncratic Adj Noun. Verb humanitarian Adjective. Adv and Intrans idler Noun superlative tense: The velocity of a car's idlest engine that is in use but Noun does not actually run PT: Verb illiterate Adjective. Noun An offensive term for someone who is not educated. Page 47 GMAT. Adjective incorporates Combined into a unified whole. The two co-workers are incompatibility N working.

Adjective The imperial nature of the imperially Adv Noun Pertaining to or concerning company structure was an empire or its leader. Noun Adjective Incumbents in congressional Noun Pl: Verb imperial Adjective. Noun A person that is presently holding an official office like in a political organization or church. Noun The first letter or the name of a person. Verb indigent Adjective. Adjective Initial efforts to preserve initialer N Noun Present at the start of an peace proved the need for event or procedure.

Noun A person that is incredibly poor. Page 49 GMAT. Verb innate Adjective Pertaining to traits or An innate sense of dignity innately Adv features that a person or was seen in the eyes of the innateness N animal is born with. Intense heat caused the hard metal coin to melt.

When the palaeontologist intactness N uncovered the dinosaur skull.

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The act of intersecting. Islamic Adjective Relating to the Muslim Islamic traditions spread Islamicize V religion that is based on the into much of the Middle teachings of the prophet East centuries ago.

With multiple lanes intersectional Adj 2. Page 51 GMAT. A location in which two extending toward a center.. Verb intentional Adjective Not done by accident but The race car driver moved intentionality N instead done deliberately. Noun Noun Latch the door before Verb Pl: Verb Trans To secure or close an object with a latch. Trans Verb Transitive movable or lift able rod that PT: Verb jolt Verb.

Noun An emotional surprise or a harsh reminder. The patient lived through PP: Intransitive a place or a person. Trans Verb Transitive turns around a fixed point PT: Noun Noun A large lever opened the fire Verb Pl: Page 53 GMAT. Specify the make and model of the car. The accident might have lobed Adj damaged the frontal lobe of her brain. Verb Verb Trans 1. The magnitude of the discovery that his GMAT score was in the 99th percentile was huge. What make of man is he? The significance of bodies.

Verb loaf Noun Pl: He made an fashion. She made no effort Synonyms: The police got a make on him from their records. The exhibit contains items made out of recyclable materials. Enormity of extent. The small business makes chocolate candy. They were computing the magnitudinous Adj or volume. She PresP: To create a margin around something. A straight line drawn edge of the paper. Verb Noun The ski champion maneuverability N Adjective.. An empty space on the were scribbled in the Verb Transitive edge.

Noun malfunctions Failure to work in a normal way because of an error in the design. The difference between margins to the absolute bare two scores or amounts. The money made on a The computer programmer transaction or the amount adjusted the margins on by which the price of the document making the something exceeds its cost.

Draw a margin PT: Page 55 GMAT. Mandatory rules in national mandatorily Adv followed. They left no margin page. The teachers comments Pl: The making of finished manufactures products from raw Noun materials. A very bid unspecified to do. The majority or greater oppose the legislation Intransitive part.

The mass effect present participle Adjective is rather disappointing. I have ignored irrelevant. Writers find marginal members of the population such as the homeless compelling characters. Her maternal to a mom. Noun Noun Attendance at the costume Verb Pl: A thing that is used to PresP: I have masses of work Verb Trans Pl: The mass of respondents and 2.

Transitive and Intransitive PT: Troops are massing on past participle To collect or be collected in the border. Unimportant or you find. You can ignore or degree.

The or moms in general. Verb Trans To disguise or hide something.. A cover that is placed on ball required decorative Trans Verb Transitive the mouth.

Verb marginal Adjective 1. Very little in importance Adjective: Verb mature Adjective. Verb Trans To deal or trade in something. Noun Migrant farm workers were Adjective A person who moves from brought to California to pick one area or nation to fruits and vegetables another. Children begin to make a person or thing do mature at different ages.

Adjective Moving from one area or nation to another. The plan had matured over the intervening months. A mature response to disappointment is the ability to accept and move beyond. Relating to or used for trade. Verb Adjective Adjective: Philip is only 12 maturely Adv Verb PT: Adjective A medium temperature is Noun Neither large nor small in usually required for baking dimension but instead cookies and cakes. Noun A condition or state that is intermediate because it is in between two extremes.

Page 57 GMAT.. When will those Treasury bonds mature? Adjective Showing or pertaining to subtraction. Noun Noun Minimum requirements for Adjective Pl: Preposition Gross profits minus Adjective. Noun Noun Let's avoid the mob and mobber N Verb plural mobs A large and noisy group of walk down this quiet street..

Verb millennia Noun Pl: Adjective Pertaining to imitation. Decreased by the overhead and operating Noun subtraction of a number. Noun An amount below zero. Noun A person who imitates others. Lowest permitted. Verb mobility Noun The power to physically 1. The social mobility of the poor is highly limited in most cultures. Page 59 GMAT. The handicap person move about. Verb mosquito Noun Pl: Noun Adjective The mute child never spoke mutely Adv Noun.

A number that is divisible by another specific number without leaving any remainders.. Adjective Pertaining to or fixed on a wall. Verb Trans To decrease the volume of a particular sound. Adjective 2 is a multiple of 6. Noun Noun She motioned to the crowd Verb Pl: There Noun multiples Including or relating many are multiple reasons for people..

Page 61 GMAT. Verb naval Adjective Pertaining to or belonging The naval power of the navally Adv to warships or to a navy. Noun Noun 1. Nickel is useful in making Verb Pl: Noun A zero. Adjective The law was made null and Noun Not having legal validity.

The navigation skills of the navigational Adj planning and pursuing a general have increased his navigationally Adv course from one place to efficiency. A vehicular gear in which there is no power sent from the engine to the rest of the vehicle.

The novelty of the new plan piece of jewelry. British allowed them to become superpowers. Adjective Slang that means costing or worth five cents. Adjective color. Verb oatmeal Noun Noun Oatmeal is an excellent Adjective Oat grains that are crushed nutritious breakfast cereal.

The outmost wall of the building protected it from heat and cold. Trans Verb Transitive PT: Verb optimal Adjective Most favorable or pleasing Optimal results are best optimality N such that it is characterized achieved by increased optimally Adv as being the best. The manufacturing output Verb Pl: Noun Production.

A meeting where new campus and its rules. The placement or Freshman orientation direction of something. Page 63 GMAT. Noun A person who follows conventional or customary rule or beliefs. China resulting in less married men.

Absolute or complete. Verb and are intended to work PT: Though all were laughing nuance. Verb outright Adverb. Adverb An outright gift to heirs of outrightly Adv Adjective Completely and entirely..

Something that is shaped in the form of an egg. Noun Noun A pair of socks is required Verb Pl: A racetrack that is shaped in the form of an oval. Noun Noun Noun The boy reached out with Verb Pl: Page 65 GMAT. After ten nights alone in the desert the old man felt the pang of loneliness. Verb palm Noun. Noun Adjective A parallel exists between Noun. Noun Noun The board appointed ten Verb Pl: Palm trees PT: Not important nor A paltry amount of basil paltrily Adv paltrier significant.

Adjective Showing extremely biased support for a cause. Noun A substance that is made up or individual particles. To pass up dessert required Trans great effort from the dieter. Noun An individual item. A single instance. Verb parental-leave Noun A period of time off that is Parental-leave allows granted from work. Noun Adjective The particulate nature of Noun Pl: Verb Trans To get a patent to an invention. Verb patent Noun. Noun Noun The patent on the new Adjective. Noun Noun The peak of success in Verb.

Adjective Dull. Page 67 GMAT.. Noun The pedestrian crossed the pedestrianism N Adjective A person that travels by street on foot after the cars walking. Adjective Very clear or obvious so as to not need further explanation. False and used to mislead. Trans superlative: A person or thing that is phoniest phony. Adjective Adjective Though he pretended to be Noun. Noun Noun The development plan was Verb Pl: To perish and end one's life Intrans PP: Verb perceive Verb PT: Noun Verb Trans Pl: Noun Noun The man reached the Verb Pl: Preposition The addition of heavy water Adjective.

Page 69 GMAT. The bubonic plague. A disease that is infects hung on the wall listed all Trans Verb Transitive and kills many people in a past presidents of the bank.

Conjunction Adjective Demonstrating or involving the use of addition.. Verb Trans To cause immense trouble. Noun Noun The engraved plaque that Verb Pl: Used to show the addition plus hydrogen created a Noun. A pint of cream was the most desirable product size requested by downloaders.

Verb pint Noun Pl: Noun A positive quantity. Physical strength or force. Verb pop Noun. Southeast Asia. A hard transparent material The delicate cup and saucer porcelains made out of ceramic than is were made of a porcelain used for making various china found only in Austria. The capacity. Noun Noun The child pops the bubbles Verb. Control and authority PP: Noun Noun The president was lucky to Adjective.

Adjective Receiving power from an engine using electrical energy or fuel. Verb sound. Interjection PT: Noun Noun She paid a high premium for Adjective Pl: Noun Noun The executive prefaced his Verb Pl: A vulnerability to a specific He has a predisposition predispositions disease due to hereditary or towards alcoholism.

The introductory section resignation speech by Trans Verb Transitive of a written document or acknowledging his gratitude PT: Verb predator Noun Pl: Adjective Of very good quality. Page 71 GMAT. A textbook that contains Before painting the house.

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Verb prime number Noun A number that can only be Its difficult for children to divided by itself and one. A paint that is used to coat a surface before paint is applied to that surface. Noun Pertaining to or at the first In parts of the world Adjective The principal idea behind principally Adv Noun Being of primary the venture was not profit principalship N importance.

A person who is the most important because he or she is most highly ranked. Noun Noun The career profile as Verb Pl: The downtown property downloadd for pennies gained in value as the city grew. Noun Noun The stock market projected Verb Pl: Verb likelihood that something PT: Because she was pronouncedly Adv embarrassed.

Page 73 GMAT. The projected budget included increased benefits for the lowest class of employees. Verb profile Noun. Intrans Verb Intransitive the age of one yet.

Stalin purged the 3rd S: Noun Noun The young pup still had not Verb Pl: Transitive; Intrans: Intransitive; Pl: Plural; PT: Past Tense; PP: Past Participle; PresP: Present Participle; 3rd S: Noun; Adj: Adjective; Adv: Adverb; V: Adjective hospital for quadruple quadrupling Four times as great. Rare books are held in a rareness N locked room in the library. Verb real estate Noun Land or property owned by Real estate prices increased someone.

Noun A physiological involuntary response to a stimulus. Augustus and Hadrian saw PT: To accept something the company. Personal income. Noun Relating to reptiles or any The old man looked Noun Pl: Renewal of popularity of Religious revivals often play something. To give up a job or The executive resigned his resigner N PP: Reacting positively. Verb replicate Verb. The mother was responsive responsively Adv 2.

Responding to to the needs of her young responsiveness N something. Verb The act of withholding something.. A booking that was Reservations for tables were reservationist N prearranged or made required at the busy beforehand.

Money that a business Revenues from the makes. In small amounts. Selling of goods in small Retail stores lined the retailer N Adverb. To alter or correct official will revise his PT: To change opinion about Perhaps after hearing a revisable Adj Noun Pl: To sell something.

New productions of through rhetoric and song. Income that a decreased causing the government makes. To flush the mouth with 3rd S: A teasing comment or action meant as a joke. Verb rib Noun. A situation with extreme highs and lows. Page 79 GMAT. Somebody equal or violence.

Somebody entered as a candidate in an election. A cut of meat that 3rd S: To lightly clean The camper will rinse out rinsable Adj Trans. An amusement park ride Coney Island has the with a narrow rail track nation's oldest running shaped into extreme peaks roller coaster.

Bridges contain many right right angled Adj angles. A competing group or Rival gangs are often rivalrous Adj Pl: Curved bone of the chest In the biblical story the rib Verb plural ribs extending from the bone of man was used to Verb vertebrae. Somebody or something Cross country runners spent that runs.

A grammatical word Round her head was placed Adverb indicating that a circle of a garland of flowers. Verb Noun 1. To equal or surpass. Clean and hygienic..

To fit something or sandwiching somebody tightly between 3rd S: To drain a plant of sap. A device on which The doctor's scale revealed Verb Pl: A building or institution The old school building was Verb Pl: A water liquid that Sap from the maple trees is sapless Adj Verb Pl: To weigh something or PP: Obtain an image of Noun internal organs with any of Pl: An outline of a plot emergency workers.

An educational education. Verb 1. Relating to public Sanitary standards are sanitarily Adv healthy. A snack or light meal The young man ordered a Verb Pl: Verb saliva Noun The clear liquid secreted Saliva dripped from the into the mouth by the mouth of the large dog salivary glands.

To search a region using disease. An offensive term to PresP: An imagined sequence of A natural disaster scenario possible events. A car with a fully enclosed passenger compartment. Pieces of leftover food. Firmly fixed or placed in violent suspects. The computing data displayed on monitor. To discard or discontinue something because it is considered useless or ineffective.

A fixed or movable Employees were screened to screenable Adj Verb Pl: Reliable and unlikely to fail. A surface for projecting a movie onto. Noun Not concerned with a Secular political cultures do Noun Pl: Enclosed chair carried by Kings used to move about porters at the front and rear on sedans carried by on two long poles passed hundreds of slaves.

A frame with a fine wire PresP: A small piece or remnant Scraps of old clothes were Verb Pl: Waste material. Verb scrap Noun. Page 81 GMAT. Verb Transitive 1. Exceptionally good. Barely touch. To cause something to PresP: A refuge. The perimeter of Only one side of the house Verb PT: To move something or A shift in the nations Noun PT: To place something at a The lady set out tea and Noun. Meeting or series of The congressional session sessional Adj meetings of an official lasted four months with few body.

A device used for Ulysses' wife Penelopy spent Verb Pl: Verb seminar Noun Pl: To change gears the war. Connected with the senses. An establishment that PP: Attracting a great deal of performance received high attention and interest. Removing hair with a The man shaved off his long Noun PT: A structure that provides A shelter was created for Verb Pl: The route taken or tapestries PT: The sensational sensationally Adv 2.

Period of time in which people are doing something together. A picture that was drawn The artist drew a quick sketchable Adj Verb Pl: Page 83 GMAT. A fluid with something long term consultation. The hunters found the skull of a dead deer. Noun Slanted ground. Verb skeptic Noun Pl: Method of resolving a A solution to the company's Verb Pl: The man slipped on a Noun PT: Short performance.

The ski slope was designed sloper N Verb Pl: To lose your footing or banana peel and fell down. The children will smear smearer N Noun PT: To deliberately defame. Noun A piece that is cut from The chef sliced a whole ham Verb Pl: Rough description of would later take time to do PT: Move slowly. Spatial design issues are spatiality N especially important in spatially Adv compact urban apartments specific Adjective.

Period of time.. The sparks from the fire Verb Pl: Field of knowledge. Distance between two The span of time between Verb Pl: The vertical back of a horse. Noun A small particle. Trans Verb Transitive 2. Verb sophisticated Adjective Cultured and A sophisticated updated sophisticatedly Adv knowledgeable. The rate at which The racecar driver speeds to Verb Pl: She was always specific specifically Adv Noun Pl: Area of influence.

Globe or something of The earth is shaped in a sphericity N Verb Pl: Distinctive when giving directions so specificity N that her friends would not get lost spectator Noun A person who watches. Verb spiteful Adjective Showing maliciousness The girl says spiteful things spitefully Adv about her friends.

Madame Butterfly was stageable Adj Trans past participle staged in Paris. Verb dispensing liquid mist. A container for outfit with water. Sloping sharply. Adjective No longer fresh Somebody responsible The project was sponsored sponsorial Adj Verb Pl: A financial contributor PT: Geometrical shape that The construction is built in squarer N Adjective. Everest is not for the causal steepness N steeper hiker. Hard or taxing. Step in a process. The steep climb up Mount steeply Adv Noun comparative.

A theater. Please do not spray my Verb Pl: Liquid particles as a mist. The chips after being left on staleness N Verb comparative: A derogatory term towards unfashionable people. Page 85 GMAT. Verb Transitive The first production of stageability N Verb past staged 2. Something that causes a change came from the response.. The major stimulus for 2. The young corporate striver N Intrans strived. Verb 2.

Noun Verb 1. Walk in a confident and The student strutted into Noun PT: The sewer produced an awful stench. To work extremely hard. Noun plural The side of the store that The storefront window Adjective storefronts faces the street. To pull until tight.

A supply of goods or The store stocked all brands stocker N Verb Pl: Steps towards important stride toward the PP: Total shares issued.

The company made an strider N PT: To show off in an football to victory. Please do not strain your Noun PT: The stringent requirements stringency N on pharmaceutical goods stringently Adv produced in the United States results in high prescription costs.

To walk with long steps. Verb stench Noun Horrible smell. In sewing. Ache or cramp in body.. There is substantial substantiality N Noun Pl: Page 87 GMAT. Verb stunt Noun. The main point of an Trans Verb Transitive argument. The grammatical regarding his supposed Trans PT: Noun Considerable in amount. The sultan committed many sultanic Adj crimes against his people. The total amount. Sugarcane remains a major export of Jamaica. Topic or matter of He was subjected to Adjective.

Noun Dangerous feat. Several stunts performed by Verb Pl: Well-made and soundly The sturdy man lifted loads sturdily Adv sturdier built.

Twenty dollars no longer PP: On the immediate surface of surfaceless Adj Adjective. To change from PP: A button or lever that The switch located at the switchable Adj Verb Pl: Relating to the surface. To provide nourishment. Something that is not superficial advantages over superficially Adv profound or significant. An addition to The restaurant used supplemental Adj Verb Pl: The outer part. To increase in degree..

The company claimed only superficiality N 2. Noun Excess amount The state's budget surplus Adjective Pl: Verb superb Adjective Excellent or of the highest The superb style and superbly Adv quality. Something applied to the the proposal. Good or nutritional supplement to cut down on supplementation N PT: To increase in size. The wound will swell if not Noun. Something that is luxurious. An inscribed stone or two tablets before going to wooden slab. He tagged the issues he Verb Pl: A different subject.

Trigonometry and calculus employee the tangent mathematical function. Page 89 GMAT.. To agree. A method to achieve a would be unable to tack the Verb goal. Verb PT: To count up to record a the new president was PP: A small nail. Relating to the sense of The tactile feeling of the tactilely Adv touch.

Noun Label or to put a label on. A pill made of 1. Verb symptom Noun Pl: To deliberately annoy or Older children often tease Noun PT: The argument originally tangency N Adjective Pl: After the votes were tallied. The contractor feared the he Pl: The tablet revealed compressed powdered ancient writings. The drug. To arouse someone PresP: A line or surface that 1. The figures were off by only tenth adjective a tenth of a percent.

Relating to the Earth. Something that lives on plants are part of the food terrestrialness N land. Terrestrial animals and terrestrially Adv Noun Pl: In a game or race.

Verb tedious Adjective Boring or monotonous. A field of knowledge. The tedious day dragged on tediously Adv and on. Areas of a country that company plan to build is has its separate restricted by zoning laws. The groom carried his bride 2. The territory in which the 2. An area of land. To fasten something with Most businessmen wear a Noun Recent court appointments tilter N Noun PT: A level at which across the threshold of their something starts or ends.

The business thrived in the thriver N Intrans throve current market. To slant or slope. His contract was terminated terminative Adj PP: A doorway or entrance. Favoring one thing over have tilted the balance of PP: The business plan is only tentatively Adv tentative. Noun The sum of everything. Verb Transitive To inflict severe pain on The torture of prisoners.. The titanic ocean liner could titanically Adv hold a great amount of weight.

The Times offers some of the highest quality journalism in the United States. Page 91 GMAT. To make radiation pass matters was transmitted to transmitting through something. A piece of absorbent The athlete has affected the paper often used as a tender muscular tissue handkerchief. We made the cookies into triangles and traditional circles. The principle of cause and effect; the source which causes an effect.

Verb celebrity Noun Pl: The young movie star had quickly become a celebrity and easily recognized. Verb Trans To submit someone or something to harsh criticism. Noun The middle spot, area, or part of a thing that is equidistant from all points on the outside edges or opposite sides of a thing.

The board censured the use censurer N of pollutants in the community to preserve the environment. Noun A ceramic sugar bowl was A tough brittle material that brightly painted and easily resists heat by firing a broken.

Adjective Created of ceramic material. A plant that is indigenous to the grass family that is grown for it' s nutrition's grains. Cereal made from a variety of toasted grains is the most popular breakfast food. Noun The outer chamber of the A room set aside to be used house functioned as a room for a specific purpose.

Adjective Pertaining to, composed as, or performing chamber music. Verb Trans To place a set amount of ammunition in the back barrel of a weapon. Noun The fee asked for a service or the price of something that is being sold. Noun The looking at something closely in order to declare its state or condition.

The officer checks the papers to insure the shipment is legal. A member of the cat family Cheetahs are the fastest of that is very large, has a the large cats. A professional cook, usually The chef prepared culinary the chief cook. Noun A piano chord is struck Two or more musical notes using multiple keys. Verb Trans To make or play chords to harmonize and make a melody more elegant. Noun The children drew circles, A perfect hollow ring shape. The physiological movement of blood throughout the body.

Circulation of blood within the body is complex and intricate system. The distance around a circle is the circumference. The civic interest by community groups always improves neighborhoods and schools. Pertaining to the government of a town or city. Verb civil Adjective Pertaining to the Civil unions are a possible occurrences of alternative to marriage in citizens or groups of some states.

Noun A statement that something is true without using evidence or proof. Noun A burrowing shellfish, either a freshwater or marine mollusk, having a muscular foot that it used to burrow into the sand. Verb Intransitive To collect clams. A large group of people or families that are related either because of a common ancestor or marriage.

To explain something in greater detail and thereby making it clearer. Pertaining to or belonging to office work. Office related supplies, such as stationery. Hold on to something or someone with hope. In the same way that the hands of a clock change position around a clock face. She claimed the watch claimable Adj found by the waiter claimer N belonged to her husband while her husband could not recall the make of the watch.

The professor recommended to the student that she should clarify her writing. The clerical position, though clerically Adv it paid the bills, bored the young man. We downloadd our clerical supplies from a local store. She would cling to her belief in love, despite having been heartbroken.

The clippings from the laurel were replanted in her garden. Why don't we go around in circle taking turns in a clockwise direction? Noun PT: Moving in a awkward or The clumsy and rather poorly coordinated manner. Noun The cobble streets of the 1. A rock fragment that has charmed tourists.

Verb Trans To cover a road with cobblestones. An illegal narcotic drug Cocaine, a highly addictive made from the leaves of a drug, is very expensive to coco plant that is taken as a download. Noun A system of numbers, symbols, or letters which conceals normal message for the purposes of special communication. To organize things like rules, laws, or principles into a code or system. The chocolate frosting recipe requires the use of cocoa.

Verb coherent Adjective Consistent logically or The speech was coherent artistically. Noun Efforts to combat malaria in combatable Adj Fighting between groups or Africa will require combater N people.

Verb Trans To try to destroy or manage something. A combination of different A combination of ice cream things or factors, or the act and fresh fruit is a summer of combining them. A funny entertainer. A comedian satirized and joked about the political events of the day. A comet streaked across the cometary Adj heavens signalling a good cometic Adj omen for the new millennium. An astronomical object that is made up of ice and dust and has a long light producing tail which is produced when it passes close to the Sun.

Adjective Pertaining to the downloading and selling of services and products. Noun An advertisement for a product or service broadcast through either the radio or television. Noun An unoriginal or dull remark. Noun A small flat case that contains makeup. Verb compactness Noun Adjective The compactness of the Packed or clustered small kitchen contributed to together closely. The partners were compatible in their ethics and attributed that to their success. To give someone money for The investment firm work done or for something compensates young analysts that has been lost.

A compensation package for compensational Adj executives can include salary, pension and miscellaneous benefits. To put things together from The academic compiled an a different number of anthology of poetry written places to make a whole.

Noun A thing that perfects or makes something else whole. Verb Trans To make something whole, perfect, or accompany something else nicely. Adjective Hard to understand, explain, or resolve. Noun An entire thing made up of many different but interrelated parts.

To comply with or conform to something. The diamond necklace complemented the simple black dress. Complex issues in economic development require longterm planning and are adverse to simple solutions. Noun A component of something that is usually bigger than itself. Adjective Creating part of a whole. Noun A creation caused by the mixing of two or more different things. Adjective Created by the mixture of two or more different things. Verb comprehend Verb Trans PT: To understand the meaning In order to comprehend the comprehendible Adj and Intrans comprehended of nature or some other poetry's symbolism the PP: A compromise between the parties was reached when each gave up a few demands.

To place or hold someone A hidden drawer conceals or something out of view in the old man's savings from order to stop the person or robbers. Noun A substance made more pure by removing another substance. In order to achieve a high score on the GMAT, you need to concentrate on your study and minimize leisure activities. Noun A motive to worry, or a thing that causes someone to worry.

Verb Trans To make someone have an uneasy or worried feeling. Noun The piano concert An event in which a performed at Carnegie Hall musician or a group of was a critical success. Verb concession Noun Pl: Adjective Tangible; able to be seen or touched. Verb Trans To place concrete all over an area.

Transform something from gas to liquid with the loss of heat. To decrease the length of a written text by the removal of words or passages that are not necessary or by rewriting the contact of the text to make it more concise. Noun An object that tapers to a point at the top or bottom and has a round base.

Verb Trans To form something into the shape of a cone. Editors may condense a novel to create a shorter, more readable passage. The ice skater's configurations indicated both skill and artistry. The prisoner's long period of confinement led to anger and depression. A condition in which there Los Angeles constantly are too many people or witnesses congestion on its things in a street or an area, crowded freeways.

Verb conspiracy Noun Pl: An action taken to limit the Lead contaminants in paint spread of something that is can lead to brain aggressive. Noun Someone who lives of something that lived at the same general time period as someone or something else. Verb Trans To run or operate a machine, vehicle, or some other thing. Noun The skill or ability to be able to do or handle something. An alteration or change in the nature, shape, or operation of something.

Control your temper in public. The young wife's conversion conversional Adj to her husband's religion conversionary Adj surprised her friends. Noun A person who has discontinued one belief and adapted another one. A route between divisions in a building, often with rooms opening onto it. It is my conviction that all convictional Adj deserve equal treatment under the law. A narrow corridor connected the living area to the bedrooms.

Verb Trans The jacket may cost you To demand the payment of upwards of one hundred a specified amount of dollars. Noun An amount of money paid in exchange for something. Verb counter clockwise Adverb; Movement in the direction When going around the Adjective opposite to the direction circle, you will need to drive that the hands of a clock in a counterclockwise move.

A meat eating canine mammal from North America with similar characteristics of the wolf except that is smaller in size. Noun A flaw in something such that it looks like a split or fine line. Adjective Trained to an extreme degree of competence.

Being small and confining in such a way that is either not convenient or not comfortable. Verb Trans To recognize something is true. In order to save money, the students collected coupons to use on grocery downloads. Coyotes are represented in much of the art of Santa Fe, howling in the desert at the moon.

The room the guest was given was cramped and untidy. A large crater created this deep dent in the land. Upon receiving the award, they gave credit to their mothers. Noun The reviewer offered valid An assessment of a critiques of most novels. Verb Trans To assess something, usually a creative work, giving observation of the work's good and bad qualities. Crucial to the result of something. You have forgotten one crucial piece of important information in the report.

Noun A noisy short noise made by crushing something. Adjective Needing a result or action. The 5 kids crunched in the backseat of the car on the way to their grandmother's house. Noun The crusades inspired by 1. A dynamic joint effort to promote or get rid of something. Verb Intransitive To make a dynamic or joint effort to promote or get rid of something. Noun A hard figure made up or six identical square plane faces which are set at right angles to each other.

Verb Trans To multiply a number by itself twice. To reach the pinnacle or highest point of development, or to bring something to this point. Worthy of guilt or reprimand for doing something wrong. The preparation of land for the purpose of planting, growing, and harvesting either crops or plants. Cubes are not of equal size. In the case of neglected children, culpability lies directly with parents. The cultivation crops and the raising of animals is largely the work of farmers and ranchers.

A row of concrete or fears when considering how Trans Verb Transitive rocks that form the edge of to address terrorism. Something that limits or PresP: By some, orange juice is considered a cure-all. The topics taught at a The curriculum for the sixth curricular Adj school, or the issues taught grade English class offered a in a particular topic.

To change something to be able to make it suit a person's requirements better.

We suggested that you customize your application to fit the school you are applying for. A figure with straight sides Most cans are shaped like and round shaped ends of cylinders. Pieces of an object that has Debris from the explosion been shattered or broken. Noun The first public showing or presentation of an artist, performer, or program.

Verb Trans To formally or public ally present or act something out for the first time. Her debut turned out to be a success and critics praised her acting. Noun 1. A decrease in quality. The biological process of decomposing and rotting. Adjective The use of the number ten as a base and counted or organized in sets of ten. Noun A number conveyed in a counting system that uses sets of ten. Verb decimal point Phrase A written or printed round The decimal point is needed imprint that separates the here to indicate values less whole numbers from the than 1 but greater than 0.

Noun The process of diminishing, or making smaller. To take away an amount for Employees must deduct a purpose. A person, party, or The defendant lost his case organization obligated to despite his innocence. To change, or convert something into being distorted, broken, or illfigured. Drugs taken during pregnancy can deform a child before birth.

We generally defrost the refrigerator twice a year to avoid ice build-up. The deft fingering by the violinist increased the enjoyment of the listener. A degree of subtlety was required in handling the old man. The level, quantity, or intensity of something. A qualification given to someone by a university or a school after that someone has completed a course or study.

Adjective Damaged and destroyed with ease. Noun Clothing that requires special attention when being washed and dried. To assign a specified meaning to something. The record denotes gradual denotive Adj increase in temperature over the last ten years. We departed to the ocean for a long vacation. The depletion of the natural depletable Adj resources of this country depletion N may lead to environmental depletive Adj disaster.

Adjective Diamonds are a derivative Copied or derived from of petroleum products. Noun A thought or idea, language, or phrase that had been derived from something that is related to it. Showing a low attitude or pessimistic criticism.

Derogatory comments made derogatorily Adv during the dews conference derogatoriness N upset the president's staff. To descend into the depths of one's soul is the goal of many young poets. To go down a set of stairs, hill, valley, or other type of slope; To be related by blood to an ancestor.

Someone or something like Descendants of the old an animal or plant that is confederate fighter gather related to an ancestor. Adjective Small enough to be used on the surface of a desk. Producing hurt or damage. The student appeared detached from his surroundings. The poor economy was detrimental to many small businesses. The house located diagonal to the river was owned by a famous singer.

Adjective Flowing from one side to another in a slanting or sloping way. Noun A line or directions that slants or slopes. A language spoken in a Her dialect is unknown to certain region of a place or me though we speak the nation that has differences same language. A combustion engine that is Diesel engines were still internal in nature and it common in vehicles of the turns on with the use of s. The state of being unlike or If we try hard enough, we different from other things can overcome any or people.

The difference between this town and others nearby is the lack of a good elementary school. A type of tape that is magnetic and used in the digital recording of music. They used digital audiotapes to record messages to send to contacts. The truth of her statements diminishable Adj were slightly diminished by diminishment N her criminal record.

Verb dinosaur Noun Pl: The road takes a dip after this hill. A document received after She received her high school the successful completion diploma from a reputable of either high school, school. Noun The directives given to the A command or formal troops were forgotten on instruction.

GMAT Vocabulary List

Adjective Providing detailed direction or commands. To secrete, give off, or He was recently honorably get rid of a gas or liquid.

To consent to or write the orders for command for someone to depart an organization, or to take the decision yourself to depart from a place such as a hospital. Noun A decrease in the normal price of something. Its tough to discount the discountable Adj economy's downfall is discounter N accessing the causes for the failure of the small business.

Totally separate and unrelated. The unjust treatment of a person or group, usually because of intolerance to another race or ethnic group. Let us be discrete about our discretely Adv conversations on this matter. Discrimination remains discriminational Adj common in hiring practices.

Verb Trans To disturb or mess up the organization of something. The disorder of the house caused the mother upon returning from her vacation to be upset. To move something from The displaced population the place to where it usually was put in refugee camps is to some other place. The space measured The distance to the dividing two places, people, mountain from the town or things.

A distinct difference was distinctness N observed in the physique of two children indicating nutritional variance. The dog's barking was a distraction in the peaceful community. The giving out, sharing out, The distribution of goods distributional Adj or delivery of things to a was accomplished through a number of different people.

Consisting of many Diverse cultures which bring diverseness N different kinds of things or different values and elements. To diversify investments the diversifiability N young couple bought both diversifiable Adj blue chip and tech stocks. Being God or a god or flow from a supreme being. Intrans ; PT: Faith or religion Noun PP: To understand or realize Pl: To learn or realize something by intuition or a supernatural means.

An affiliate or member of a clergy. A number divided into another number. The division property was divisional Adj completed after the heirs divisionally Adv settled all claims. Someone who gives The donor's blood was a something to someone else. Noun A specific amount of medicine that is given out at one time or at planned intervals. Verb Trans To give medicine to someone. Payment of part of the full price of something and the remaining part will be paid at a later time.

A single dose of medication relieved the woman's discomfort. A down payment to show good faith was required to download the automobile. The down zoning of the neighborhood was meant to enable the building of a park. Noun The restaurants installed 1. A sewage pipe or channel new drains in the sinks to that takes water or sewage facilitate grease removal. A thing that uses up or reduces the energy or resources of something else.

Verb drastic Adjective Having an influential effect Drastic action was required or widespread results. Noun A place for the brief storage of military munitions, food, beverages and other supplies for the use by troops. To decrease or diminish gradually in size, quantity, or strength and near zero, or to make something decrease or diminish in this way. An irregularity in the operation of organs or other body parts or systems. The study of the relationships and interactions between living organisms and their habitat.

Water supplies were allowed to dwindle with overuse and were not replenished. Dysfunction in families creates poor communication. Ecology is the study of ecologist N natural systems and is important in understanding human development. Pertaining to the economy The economic stability of of an nation, economics, or developing countries is the money.

Cautious in making the most use out of resources. The economical health of a family is maintained by stable income and low debt. The economy of a nation includes a balance between exported and imported products.

Noun The manufacture and use of products and services of a neighborhood looked at as a whole. Adjective Proposed to be inexpensive or of higher quality. Noun An area or border that is the outmost part or the farthest point away from the center of a larger area.

Verb Intransitive To make something move sideways gradually, or to make something moved sideways by thrusting it. Noun An optional subject that a student can chose from amongst many different options. To make or create In order to elicit funds from elicitation N something like a reaction or patrons, the museum held a elicitor N response to a particular fancy dress ball. Noun A small amount of people within a larger group that have the greatest amount of power, wealth, and social standing than the rest of the group.

Adjective Belonging to an elite. Adjective Long and constricted or tight. The act of making something increase in length, or the state of being increased in length. To run away from or get around someone or something by using craftiness, skill, or ingenuity. The elite corp of military rangers was chosen through rigorous testing of related skills.

In order to see a woman's elongated Adj shape differently, the artist Modigliani elongated all his figures. The elongation of the woman's throat was a result of copper necklaces added during childhood. The ultimate question of life's beginnings continue to elude scientists. Noun An emotional or loving embrace, or hug.

Noun A green gemstone made of a form of beryl colored green by chromium. Adjective Describes a color that is emerald green. To change plain text message into a code. The email was encoded so as to prevent persons who did not have the correct access code from opening its content. Noun A prevalent disease. Mosquitoes are endemic to this region. To register for a branch of the military. They enlisted many men on enlishement N the projects construction crew.

The enormous debt incurred enormously Adv by the company will most likely not be paid off in our lifetime. Problems with water are likely to ensue in parts of Central Asia.

The treaty entails that all prisoners of war will be returned unharmed to their country of origin. Verb Trans To involve or conclude in something unavoidably. A section of real estate property that has been entailed. Willingness to put energy into a new and risky activity. To tempt a person or an animal by presenting a desirable object to that person or animal.

The enterprise was unable to produce anymore goods. The restaurant attempted to enticer N entice more customers to come in with barbeque but this too failed. Verb entity Noun Pl: A businessperson that sets up and provides the money to make new business ventures to then make a profit. A flat compartment of paper with a sealable flap for keeping letters. Fewer and fewer entrepreneurs are able to be successful in a world of large multinational corporations.

In the envelope was included photographs of the vacation. The businessman envisioned that his venture would grow large and successful but the poor state of the economy made this almost impossible. Adjective Spreading very fast and more extensively amongst a group of people than usual. An occurrence that is part of but separate from a large whole and often has the same meaning as that larger whole. The episodes of the television series that were most loved by viewers were the first ones.

A mathematical statement An algebraic equation was that two expressions are of put on the board by the the same value.

A time period that is unique With the development of because of its television came the end of developments, the radio era.

Adjective Not consistent, regular, or able to be predicted. Noun Some that behaves spontaneously. Adjective Internal beauty is the only Existing for all time without eternal beauty for physical having a start or a finish.

Noun Something that lasts forever. Verb ethnicity Noun Pl: To expel or discharge waste Efforts to excrete water excretory Adj made from the body's from the desert plant failed metabolic processes.

Adjective Because the student earned exemptible Adj Not having to do something no money, she was exempt that everyone normally has from paying taxes. Verb Trans To pardon someone from doing something that everyone normally has the obligation to do. Noun A person of thing that does not have to do something that everyone normally has the obligation to do.

To impel someone strongly The presidential candidate and sincerely to perform exhorts his supporters to something. Noun Forced or unwilling absence for political or religious reasons from your home country. Verb Trans To make someone leave his or her home country as a punishment for doing something.

Adjective Extremely different usually because it is very colorful and thrilling; suggestive of different and distant nations and foreign cultures. Noun Someone or something that is exotic. The political prisoner was given the choice of exile from his country or imprisonment. Exotic vacation sites such as the Seychelles Islands offer rare and luxurious sites and accommodations.

Verb expedition Noun Pl: Showing all details in a clear and obvious way so that there will not be any confusion in the intended meaning. Her direction were explicit, explicitly Adv as she did not leave out any explicitness N of the details. An expression on a person's The expressions of love expressional Adj face that shows his made by the couple on their thoughts or emotions.

With a specific and planned She expressly stated that we purpose or someone are not to turn right at the specific in mind. Adjective The exterior of the building exteriority N At or for the outer part of gives a false impression of something. Noun The outer part or coating of something. To completely slay or kill a person or a thing.

Nazi Germany attempted to extermination N exterminate the Jews and exterminatory Adj other races. Adjective Occurring on, or stemming from the outer part of something. Noun The exterior appearance of person or a thing, especially when it is not thought to be a real indication of the person or thing's actual nature. Verb factor Noun; Noun 1.

A thing that adds to of 1. One factor in the decision factorability N Verb Pl: The factors of the PT: A level or degree of number 2 were easy to past participle; something. Noun A short period of time in which something slowly becomes less bright, less noisy, and less clear. Trends fade over time. Noun Her smile was fake and not A person or thing that is to be trusted. Adjective Not authentic or real, but meant to be thought of as authentic or real.

A severe lack of food that results in widespread starvation. A person who has intense and at times unreasonable enthusiasms or thoughts. Famine has ravaged Africa for decades possibly centuries. Fanatic religious believers are a major force in American politics. Noun Noun The fare increase infuriated Pl: Noun An example of death like one caused by a car, plan or other mode of transportation.

The crash proved to be a fatal one. Fiction is often based upon real events. Describes something that is The fictitious story created neither true nor genuine by the child fooled his because it has the intention parents.

The soldiers fought against fierce opposition but came out victorious. A scene that symbolizes the The grand finale include the end of a performance. Pertaining to financial matters. Damages or defective. The fiscal rewards of this quarter were substantial ones.

Words in GMAT Verbal

Many consider the punishment concept of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," to be flawed and violent logic. Having an ill-looking brightly pink or red skin tone. Extremely elaborate and complex in generally style and wording. The florid wallpaper was difficult to encounter morning after morning. Whether friend or foe, we must try to treat everyone with respect. Pertaining to, coming from, The foreign currency was or located within a nation unusable and unable to be or nations that are not your exchanged here.

To create of produce an PresP: To attempt to create something with a lot of effort. The fortitude of the army was proven by their persistence despite great hardship.

Adjective The foul stench coming fouler N Sickened or revolted to the from the kitchen indicated foully Adv senses. A number that is not a whole number and is formed by dividing one number into another.

A break or fissure in a bone. Breaking something. Weak; not strong. Decimals can be represented as fractions. The fragile computer system could be made dysfunctional by simply touching the wrong key. Your fragrance smells fantastically fruity. Noun The frame of the painting A structure that is made up was perfect in highlighting or solid parts and is used to the artist's subject matter.

Verb Trans To support a picture in a frame. Verb framework Noun Pl: A system of Any changes must stay interconnected horizontal within the current and vertical bars that have framework spaces in between them.

The basis or outline for something that is made up a set of idea, theories, rules, or opinions. Adjective Located at, on, or near the front of something.

The fraudulent remarks fraudulence N made in her testimony were fraudulently Adv cause for alarm. Free market trade promotes free-market Adj corporate growth. Typified by being frugal and avoiding any sort of waste. An organism, that can be multicellular, does not have chlorophyll and produces spores in order to reproduce. Though the family had frugality N frugal beginnings, their hard frugally Adv work would lead them to frugalness N riches. Fungi often grow in cool moist shaded areas.

A utensil that is shaped like The funnel enables us to a cone with a big opening at pour the wind back into the the top and a little opening bottle without spilling any.

An enclosed technological Our house was heated by structure where heat is wood burning furnace. Verb galaxy Noun Pl: Verb Trans In the engineering sense, this means to provide something with gears. A big waterfowl that has a Geese flew south for the long neck and webbed feet; winter.

Verb Trans To become partially solid or gel like. The sex of a person or organism. The young boys put gel in their hair as it was the fashion. Our gender roles dictate behavior that is appropriate for men and women. Geometry and algebra are generally studied before entering universities. The area of mathematics that deals with the properties and relationships of points, lines, angles, curves, surfaces, and solids.

A large mass of ice that The depths of the rivers in constantly gathers more ice North America provide and snow over time information on the size of and moves slowly. Indigenous to central Gorillas have become the Africa, the biggest ape with most endangered species of a small but extremely apes in Uganda.

Noun An act of grasping or keeping a rigid hold of something. Verb ground Noun; Noun The sky rained and the Adjective; 1. The exterior surface of ground absorbed the Verb the land. Dirt of earth. Adjective Occurring, living, or working on the ground. Verb Trans To teach someone the fundamentals of something.

Easily duped or tricked because you the person tends to trust and have faith in people. The normal conditions and environment in which plants and animals live. The occupation of a place by people or animals. A sign that shows the high quality of something. The gullible young man actually believed the scheme to get cash quickly.

Olympic gymnasts compete both individually and on teams. The environmental habitat of eagles was endangered for years. Habitation and life style often reflect the economic status of people. The hall mark of a good brand is instant recognition. A small rodent with a short The small mouse like tail and large cheek hamster got out of his cage pouches for storing food. Noun Handicap accessibility laws Something that is allow the disabled to now disadvantageous or hinders move more freely.

Verb Trans To be disadvantageous or hinder a person or a thing. Describes something that has a distinctive outline.

Verb Trans To place a harness on an animal. A place sought after for relaxation, protection, or shelter. A hard-edge and rough language are unattractive in young women. The horse's harness allowed the rider to control his direction. Verb havoc Noun; Noun The hurricane reeked havoc Adjective Extensive destruction, on the neighborhood.

Adjective Hard to manage, control, or instruct. The height of the building was measured by the architect.

Noun The helicopter rescued the A type of aircraft that car accident victims. Verb Trans To fly or be transported in a helicopter. Noun She raised the hem of her pants.

Something that is capable She possessed a hereditary of being passed genetically predisposition towards the from one generation to the disease. The position, state, or personality obtained by being born into a specific family or social class.

A two dimensional figure made up of six sides. The German heritage of the family led them to value certain foods, holidays and traditions. The unusual home was shaped in six-sided hexagon. The organization's hierarchy was highly effective at creating a supportive structure for employees. To attract attention to highlighting something, or make 3rd S: The event of illegally killing The homicide was brutal or murdering another and there were few clues.

A chemical substance made Growth hormones caused in the endocrine glands of the child to eat and eat. Extremely horrible, scary, or The horrendous explosion outrageous at to incite left some dead and many horror. Hospitable, friendly, and kind to strangers or visitors. The hospitable nature of the hospitality N family always allowed hospitably Adv guests to feel at home. Hostility toward the leaders persists in the population.

An emotion or opinion of loathing, antagonism, hostility, or rage toward a person. Noun The members of a home that live together. Adjective Pertaining to, belonging to, or used in a home. A color. Noun A constant dull noise. Interjection A low or soft noise produced to show displeasure, uncertainty, shock, or indecisiveness. Verb humanitarian Adjective; Pl: Noun Someone who is dedicated to making the lives of people better. A tentative explanation for a phenomenon, which is then used for the basis for additional investigation.

Being the same person or thing even though it may not appear that way. The Pythagorean Theorem states that one side of a triangle plus b squared equals the hypotenuse squared. The hypothesis proved hypothesist N correct and the scientist was well rewarded for his effort. The identical twins always identically Adv dressed in the same clothes.

To name and recognize a She was able to identify the identifiability N person or a thing and to be accused in a line-up. Adjective Don't sit idle in the idiosyncratic Adj Not functioning, producing, outdoors or the mosquitoes idiosyncratically working, or in use.

Adv Noun The velocity of a car's engine that is in use but does not actually run because it is not in gear.

A tropical lizard native to The iguana crawled along South and Central America the bungalow wall. Noun An offensive term for someone who is not educated. A thing that tricks the mind The illusionary visions were illusional Adj by seeming to exist when in caused by hallucinogenic. Made by, based on, or made The illusory nature of her up of an illusion. Occurring or done without any delay. Differing from traditional ethical principles.

The immediate effect of the immediacy N storm included power immediateness N outages. Politicians often engage in immoral dealings which affect their performance and inhibit their loyalty to their constituency. Noun The act of objects hitting each other.

To convey knowledge or information. It was difficult to determine impaction N the impact of the stock impactor N market crash at this early impactive Adj stage.

The teacher imparted to her impartation N pupils a love for learning impartment N and self-respect. The impartiality of the jury was encouraging. Not favoring, being partial to, or being interested in one person or side of something.

Bothered because you are either delayed or kept waiting. Verb imperial Adjective; Adjective The imperial nature of the Noun Pertaining to or concerning company structure was an empire or its leader. Not directly stated, but instead implied. A fraction where the numerator equals of is bigger than the denominator.

The impersonal nature of pre-recorded telephone messages can turn away potential customers. Implicit in the law is the idea that abortion is immoral. The student was asked to reduce the improper fraction. Not being capable of living, The two co-workers are working, or getting along completely incompatible. Verb PT: Adjective Combined into a unified whole. A regular or planned raise or addition to the amount or size of something.

Adjective Required as a consequence of a duty, obligation, or responsibility. Noun A person that is presently holding an official office like in a political organization or church. They chose to incorporate their small business. The allowance was given to the student in small increments. Incumbents in congressional races usually come out victorious. Noun A person that is incredibly poor. Not having the ability to perform a specific job.

The inept sportsmen could barely throw a ball. The period of time that The idea was still in its describes a child before it is infancy having barely been able to walk or talk. A place within an institution like a hospital where the sick and injured are taken care of.

To swallow or absorb something like food or liquid into the body. A breath taken in through the nose or mouth into the lungs.

Sick students were sent to the infirmary if critical care was not required. To ingest alcohol at a young ingestion N age can be damaging to ingestive Adj development. Inhalation therapy was inhalational Adj necessary to help the child's asthma. Not able to be considered Inherent in the design of the inherence N separate from the nature or home were windows to inherency N something because it is bring in outdoor space.

Operating, belonging to, or Advertising was done inlocated within a business or house saving consulting organization. Being void of kindness, and Inhumane treatment of producing extreme pain. Adjective Initial efforts to preserve Present at the start of an peace proved the need for event or procedure, or long term efforts.

Noun The first letter or the name of a person, place, or organization. Verb innate Adjective Pertaining to traits or An innate sense of dignity features that a person or was seen in the eyes of the animal is born with. The skill to see clearly or perceptively into the nature of a complicated person, thing, or situation. Input from outside consultants enabled the business to reform its practices.

Insight into the complexity insightful Adj of health care costs is insightfully Adv achieved only through years insightfulness N of investigation. The act of installing Installation of new lighting machinery or equipment in in the museum improved place and making it ready the exhibits. Happening instantly or almost instantly.

Children want instantaneous gratification of their needs or they cry. To gradually imprint To instil a sense of thoughts, teaching, or ideas generosity in children is a on a person's mind. Whole and undamaged. When the palaeontologist intactness N uncovered the dinosaur skull, he found it completely intact.

Intake workers investigated the background of each refugee before granting entrance. The integers 3 and 7 are often bet on the roulette wheel.They are shown to broaden students knowledge of a word and their ability to better maneuver the language in dierent contexts. A hard transparent material The delicate cup and saucer porcelains made out of ceramic than is were made of a porcelain used for making various china found only in Austria.

The handicap person move about. Transitive; Intrans: Logical or proven. The elderly population of any country is better off if the society provides pension plans. Mariori TrIdia. Not having. Adjective Not having proper social values or moral principles. You can succeed on the GMAT by preparing in depth for the different question types and being able to take difficult questions and break them down into easier parts that you can quickly solve.