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[D&D ] Eberron - Campaign zetom.info - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online for free. Eberron campaign setting. [D&D ] Eberron - Player's Guide To zetom.info - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. This product uses updated material from the v revision. This WIZARDS OF .. of the EBERRON Campaign Setting to place these regions in context and for.

Eberron 3.5 Pdf

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Complete zetom.info, , MB. D&D Basic Game - Core Boxed zetom.info, , MB. Deluxe Character zetom.info [D&D ] Eberron - Player's Guide To zetom.info . What the EBERRON Campaign Setting doesn ' t tell you is how to make your cha rac te r. wtc - Eberron Campagn Setting Table of Contents Introduction Tone of Eberron The World Chapter 1: Character Races Humans.

For whatever reason, ot her people are far more i nt erest ed in your life t han you yourself used to be. You've managed to keep one step ahead of t hem so faror maybe you haven' t, and "they" are your advent ur i ng compani ons. Personality: You are somewhat bewildered about all the events that have brought you to this poi nt in your life. You don' t under st and why people are so i nt erest ed in you, and you often wish they' d j ust leave you al one. You' d rat her not go t hr ough all these har r owi ng advent ures, but some greater force in the world seems to have decreed that adven- t ur i ng is your lot in life, so you've had to figure out how to make the best of it.

Take care not to degenerat e i nt o const ant whi ni ng and compl ai ni ng, or your compani ons will quickly tire of bot h it and you. You' ve been t hr ust i nt o the spotlight against your will; if you speak softly and try to deflect t hat at t ent i on, maybe t hi ngs will quiet down soon. Also, don' t assume that every advent ure shoul d be about you and the people who are after you. Don' t ever believe that you are as i mpor t ant as people seem to t hi nk you are.

Pr act i ce your cr af t i ng, pr of essi on, or per f or mi ng skills as if you i nt end to make a l i vi ng with t hem someday. Rely on your advent ur i ng compani ons for some degree of pr ot ect i on, while l ooki ng for ways to con- t r i but e mat eri al l y to any si t uat i on wi t hout i nt ent i onal l y meani ng t o.

Language: You are soft -spoken and unas s umi ng.

[D&D ] Eberron - Player's Guide To Eberron.pdf

Downpl ay your own i mpor t ance and any successes you accomplish. If you kill a grick with your swordwell, that sure was lucky, wasn' t it? And those agents of the Chamber , they coul dn' t possibly be l ooki ng for you. Vari ant s: You mi ght suffer from amnesi a, and your advent ur i ng career is an at t empt to recover the knowledge and abilities you have lost.

If ot hers are i nt erest ed i n you, it's because of who you were before losing your memoryin which case your enemies might hold the secret to uncoveri ng your own past. Now, how about the truth? You've seen it all, and not hi ng fazes you anymore. Adventuri ng: Advent uri ng, to you, is all about investi- gating crimes and maki ng sure the cri mi nal s get what they' re due. You probe mur der s, find mi ssi ng peopl e, stop black- mailers, and break up smuggling ri ngs.

Your investigations are not necessarily limited to such mundane probl ems: You might unmask a rakshasa posi ng as a city councilor, find the possessed anci ent mask that forced the professor to commi t all those grisly mur der s, or dispel the magic keepi ng the house scion' s son i n his comatose sl umber.

Thi s ar chet ype is best sui t ed for a campai gn wi t h a l i mi t ed geogr aphi cal scope, whet her it takes place i n a si ngl e met r opol i s such as Shar n or hops from city to city. Occasi onal advent ur es mi ght take you out i nt o the wi l der ness, but you' re most at home i n dark alleys and bus t l i ng roadways. Personality: The city's underbel l y can be a bleak place, and that fact has cert ai nl y had an effect on your di sposi - t i on.

You' re so used to cor r upt i on and cri me t hat you don' t expect to meet honest people, and you' re surpri sed at acts of selflessness and sacrifice. You've been cheated so many times that you always ask for money up front.

You've seen so much hat red and deat h that not hi ng shocks you at this pointor at least that' s the image you project. Deep inside, there might be a part ofyou that still mourns over every corpseyou find sprawled in an alley, still grieVes for the lost soul of humani t y and its kin, and still believers there might be some hope and goodness left in the world.

But you know full well that if anyone sees that tiny part of you, they' ll exploit itor at least mock it mercilessly. Behavi or: Cultivate behavi or that conveys j ust how tough you are. Shar pen your sword or fiddle with a dagger dur i ng down t i me. Never open a door when you can kick it i n.

You might be able to talk your way out of tricky situa- tions, but you shoul d also be pr epar ed to fight your way out: The ki nds of people you deal with usually prefer to fight.

Language: The wisecrack is like an off-hand weapon for you. In every battle, you can attack with your pr i mar y weapon and get in a verbal barb or two as well.

Even when you' re not in combat, your speech reflects your cynicism. Variants: You might be a freelance investigator or work for a l aw-enforcement organi zat i on. For a slightly different take on this archet ype, you could work in espionage, focus- ing on i nt r i gue among nat i ons or dr agonmar ked houses rat her t han cri me on a local scale.

You wander t hr ough t he civilized world bewi l dered and i sol at ed, l ooki ng for compani ons you can rely on. Adventuri ng: Your goals and approach to advent ur - ing are probably closely l i nked to the reason you left your homel and and family. Playing an Eberron inquisitive as a bad Phi l i p Marlowe i mi tati on can drive the whole world into parody. If you drink Zil brandy, wait for a call on the speaking stone, and talk like Humphrey Bogart on a bad day, then Eberron starts to look like a ridiculous parody of the modern world, with magic simply duplicating all the technological wizardry of Earth's s.

Thi nk about the essence of your charactera tough nut who has seen the worst the world has to offer but refuses to be corrupted by itand strip away the el ements that have become stereotypical. You don't need to rely on old cliches of behavior and language. Alternatively, you mi ght be seeki ng to prove yourselfto exonerate yourself of a cri me, to win the hand of the chief- tain, or simply to secure your posi t i on as an adult in your communi t y.

Or you mi ght have been bani shed from your clan for a cr i me you actually did commi t , and are forever unabl e to r et ur n.

You might eventually grow so accustomed to life among more civilized peopl e t hat you don' t want to r e t ur n, or become restless and uneasy among your own peopl e when you see t hem again. Personal i ty: Your at t i t ude toward civilization is your defi ni ng charact eri st i c.

Decide how you view the civilized society ar ound you as well as your sophisticated allies, and try to see everyt hi ng ar ound you t hr ough that l ens. Do you mai nt ai n a superi or cont empt for t hei r soft and weak ways, or do you find those ways al l ur i ng? Do you wander wide- eyed t hr ough the magni fi cent towers of Shar n, marvel i ng at the achievements of magic and technology, or do you feel t rapped any t i me you' re forced to r emai n i ndoor s?

When you r et ur n to lands t hat are more comfortable and fami l i ar to you, change your behavi or drasticallytake on more of a l eadershi p role, or revert to a role like the one you have in your homel and, whatever that role mi ght be.

Behavi or: Most out l anders make some effort to prac- tice the t radi t i ons and ri t ual s of t hei r homel and no mat t er how far they travel. You mi ght do this simply out of habit, even if you repudi at e the beliefs and mores of your people. These mi nor ri t ual s mi ght i ncl ude hangi ng charms ar ound a sleeping place, pour i ng out wine to the cardi nal di rect i ons before dr i nki ng, t aki ng souveni r body part s from slain foes, or i nvoki ng the names of pat r on spirits or totems at frequent i nt erval s.

Language: Even if you are not ent i rel y comfort abl e speaki ng Common, you are j ust as capable as anyone of expr essi ng compl ex t hought s and sophi st i cat ed ideas in your own l anguage.

Scatter phrases of your native l anguage i nt o your speech. St ruggl e for words somet i mes, as if t r yi ng to find the ri ght way to express somet hi ng complex or i di omat i c t hat comes nat ur al l y to you in your native t ongue. Avoid accents unl ess you can pul l one off wi t hout s oundi ng goofy. Variants: Warforged as a race are si mi l ar to out l anders in that human society can seem st range and alien to t hem, but they have not hi ng to compare it to, except perhaps a life in the mi l i t ary dur i ng the Last War.

As an alternative, your backgr ound mi ght be consi derabl y mor e exotic: Perhaps you were raised by wolves or a l ammasu, or brought up on a different pl ane of existence. You move from place to place as freely as the wi ndbl owi ng t hr ough the bor i ng spot s, l i nger i ng for a while in mor e i nt er es t i ng l ocat i ons, and somet i mes ki cki ng up a st orm. Advent uri ng: Advent ur es are what happens to you while you travel.

If you seek out advent ur e, it's because a place sounds i nt erest i ng, not because there' s anyt hi ng in par t i cul ar you want to accomplish t her e. You are eager to visit new places, try new modes of t r anspor t at i on, see crea- t ures you've never seen before, and at least to some extent do t hi ngs you've never done.

If you can also l earn new abi l i - ties, acqui re more t reasure, and otherwise improve yourself along the way, that' s even better.

Personal i ty: You've always had t roubl e si t t i ng still. Perhaps you grew up i n a tiny village where t her e was not hi ng to do, and yearned for a taste of the wider world. Some experi ence of the world beyond your village might have sparked your wanderl ust : Perhaps a traveling t r oupe of actors or musi ci ans came t hr ough, or a party of advent ur- ers stayed i n the village for a couple of weeks while expl or- i ng nearby r ui ns.

That experi ence gave substance to your dreams of a different lifeyou might even have followed the travelers out of town, l aunchi ng your life of wander i ng in a dramat i c way.

You still r et ai n some of that youthful, wide-eyed dr eami ness and a sense t hat the world is full of wonders j ust waiting to be expl ored. You are not necessar- ily naive about life's har sh realities, but you ret ai n a sense Thunvarch, of wonder that no amount of bi t t er experi ence has yet been able to quash. You mi ght have a par t i cul ar i nt erest that gives a focus to your wanderi ng. Perhaps you are part i cul arl y drawn to spectacular nat ur al wonders such as the Gor adr a Gap or the Guar di an Trees.

Or maybe you' re fascinated with anci ent r ui ns, great monument s, or exotic cul t ures. Behavi or: Stay on the move.

List of Eberron modules and sourcebooks

Whenever you feel that a dungeon room, a site, a nat i on, or even a cont i nent has shown you all it has to reveal, it's time to move on. You can spend all the time you want searchi ng the rooms of a dungeonas long as t here are i nt erest i ng t hi ngs to find.

But you should be the first member of your party to call a halt to t edi um whenever it arises and get t hi ngs movi ng again. Language: Your mi nd wanders even faster t han your body, maki ng your speech seem di sconnect ed at t i mes. Pepper your conver sat i on with wi de-eyed obser vat i ons about t he sights, s ounds , and smel l s of what ever place you' re expl or i ng now and compar i sons to places you' ve been bef or e.

Vari ants: Not all wanderers are motivated by wander- lust. Inst ead, you mi ght be on the runa fugitive hunt ed by agents of a widespread organi zat i on, such as the Dr eam- i ng Dark, t he Au r u m, the Chamber , t he Lor ds of Dust , or a dr agonmar ked house. If you stay in any one place too long, t hey' re cer t ai n to find you. So you keep movi ng, you try to avoid at t r act i ng not i ce, and you don' t talk much about your past.

If there is, that could explain a lot. Not cont ent to sit i n a l i br ar y s ur r ounde d by dusty t omes and c r umbl i ng pot s her ds , you do your r esear ch i n t he fi el dwhet her i n t he cycl opean r ui ns of Xen' dr i k or the anci ent t unnel s of Dor ashar n beneat h the City of Towers. Advent uri ng: For you, hi st ory is about di scoveri ng the mysteries of Eber r on' s anci ent empi r es by expl or i ng the r ui ns of Xen' dr i k' s lost ki ngdoms and the r emnant s of gobl i n civilization in Khor vai r e.

You yearn to discover mighty artifacts and lost magi cal secret s. You hunger for knowledge about the past, and you have never been cont ent to gai n your knowl edge from ot her peopl e or t he books they wr i t e.

You want to dr i nk from t he sour ce, and t hat means advent ur e. Personal i ty: You combi ne a solid gr oundi ng in aca- demic research and established knowledge with a t hi rst for action and advent ure. You have an inquisitive mi nd and are always wonder i ng about the reasons why t hi ngs happen and possible connect i ons between apparent l y unr el at ed events.

Your col l ect i on of schol arl y t omes is like a gr oup of old friendsyou don' t necessarily see t hem every day, but you' re happy to spend hour s in t hei r company whenever you can. Your name is well known in academic circles: Some of your fellow scholars praise you to the skies, while ot hers dismiss you as a hack.

Behavi or: Take not es on ever yt hi ng. Copy di agr ams and i nscri pt i ons i nt o your not ebooks. Collect samples of body par t s from unus ual monst ersor even ent i r e mon- sters, if you can t r ans por t t hem. Tr eat shat t ered cerami cs and magical relics as equally i nt erest i ng, even as you recog- nize that magic items are more valuable and far more useful.

You mi ght be hesitant to use anyt hi ng or go anywhere unt i l you have properl y researched it, or you mi ght rush in to do your research on-si t e. Look for oppor t uni t i es to use your vari ous areas of knowl edge. They mi ght not happen very oft en, but t hat j ust makes it all t he mor e memor abl e when you do glean some useful i nf or mat i on from your studies of ar chi t ect ur e and engi neer i ng! Language: Dr op the names of scholars bot h renowned and obscure i nt o your conversations.

I nt r oduce t heori es and observat i ons by ci t i ng t angent i al l y relevant research.

When you encount er a monster, try to come up with a useful r emi nder about its capabilities to share with your compan- ions, gleaned from the knowledge you've accumul at ed. Variants: You need not be obsessed with ancient history and long-lost secretsthe world has its share of cont empo- rary secrets as well. What caused the Mour ni ng? What is the t r ut h behi nd the Blood of Vol? What lies i n the i nt er i or of Ar gonnessen? Who are the mysterious rul ers of Ri edr a?

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These quest i ons are out t here, waiting for you to explore t hem and pl umb t hei r dept hs. You cert ai nl y weren' t , t hough you might hesitate to call yourself a her o. The streets are your homet he gut t er s, t r ut h be toldand you know t he back alleys and the cr i mi nal s of your home city as well as you know your own gear.

Advent uri ng: If t here' s a bet t er way t han advent ur - i ng to ear n a quick f or t une, you haven' t found it yet.

It's a perfect deal : You can make use of the survival skills you l earned gr owi ngup on the streets, you gain some measure of respectability, and you occasionally find bags of gold pieces, which hold more money t han you can i magi ne anyone actu- ally using.

Though you' re more t han wi l l i ng to try. The driving force in your advent ur i ng life is, whet her you admi t it or not, a bur ni ng desi re to escape the ci r cum- stances you grew up i n.

You want to make a life for yourself that' s bet t er t han the poverty and cri me t hat defined your yout h. You want money, certainly, but more t han that you want respect, dignity, a sense of meani ng and pur pose, and a shr ed of hope. You defi ni t el y do not want to di e, al one and f r i endl ess, and be left to rot i n an abandoned sewer t unne l. In your advent ur i ng career, t hat ' s one risk you would j ust as soon not t ake. Many warforged simply accept the nicknames given to them by their comrades while others seek to earn more meaningful names that best describe them.

Leisure Edit Warforged never tire and rarely allow themselves to become bored.

Having no fear of ageing and no need for sleep or food warforged have an almost unending patience, yet a hard life as constant soldiers has accustomed them to endless toil and so long periods of inactivity can make them anxious.

A warforged without orders or a task to complete will create one for themselves to keep active. Individual warforged choose different hobbies, yet these activities tend to always be repetitious or unending. Some warforged enjoy counting objects, what they count doesn't need to be interesting as warforged will count even mundane things such as counting each blade of grass in the area. Other warforged may carry strips of materials to braid into patterns then un-braid them to recreate a new pattern.

For many warforged their routines inherited from the military are not so easily undone as some will repeatedly perform weapon and equipment maintenance and checks. Warforged also tend to take an interest in crafting though they will endlessly perform their craft. A smith would hammer and weld all day and night and if the noise disturbs anyone during the nights they'd take up a more silent craft such as weaving or sewing before returning to smithing during the day.

Many adventuring warforged take up crafts to keep themselves busy when their allies sleep such as carving wooden figures. Many warforged enjoy games of strategy such as chess or gambling.

Few warforged actively pursue group activities though when requested to do so they participate with gusto. Description Edit The warforged are made of stone, metal and wood fibres.

The core of a warforged is a skeletal frame made of metal and stone with wood fibres acting as a muscular system. Covering the warforged is an outer shell of metal and stone plates. An internal network of tubes run through the warforged's body, these tubes are filled with a blood like fluid that is designed to lubricate and nourish their systems.

Their hands have only two thick fingers and a thumb whilst their feet only have two broad toes. The warforged's face loosely resembles their human creators though they have a toothless jaw, heavy brow line and are lacking noses and hair.

Each warforged has a ghulra engraved upon their foreheads. Each of these runes are unique to the warforged giving them a sense of individuality. The warforged have a sexless form and are considered to be mono-gender. The warforged are able to be repaired and modified by artificers or even themselves giving them an endless possibility to their appearances.

Lifespan Edit Being living constructs the warforged theoretically can live for eternity as long as they receive maintenance and repairs. Being created in YK the oldest a warforged can be providing the campaign starts in YK is 33 and the youngest 2. Creation Edit Newborn warforged come fully formed from Creation Forges at birth, with rudimentary language and instinctual knowledge of movement. Over the first few months they are extremely adaptable and able to learn new skills, just like children of other races.

It is during this period that the majority of warforged were trained by House Cannith in the art of warfare. Warforged are born with clean slates for minds and are at the mercy of their creator's tutoring as they have no concept of morality or good and evil. In their infant years they will believe all that is told to them by their creator and will treat what is taught to them as the only truth until proved otherwise. Warforged in Eberron Edit The warforged have taken up many roles in Eberron and though many in Karrnath and Thrane have become servants to masters again, others have become labourers in various roles whilst others have used their military experience to become guards, escorts and mercenaries.

Not needing to eat or sleep the warforged only desire shelter and a purpose so working is still important to them and it is common for warforged to work twenty hour shifts in labouring roles. In Thrane and Karrnath the warforged are in some cases exploited for their ability to perform multiple tasks and are used to dominate the production of goods.

This has caused tension between nations and houses and has also led to many workers despising the warforged. The warforged live as outsiders in all nations and live lives that are completely different to the rest of the populace. Surprisingly some warforged have become bards and have even written their own songs, whilst some also have become artists, usually by mistake, and now a warforged art market exists in Breland.

There are warforged who have taken an interest in their neighbours culture and ways of life and have chosen to wear clothes and imitate their country men's accents and manners. Dragonmarks Warforged do not manifest dragonmarks. Warforged Names Edit Warforged often take up the nicknames given to them by their friends, colleagues and superiors though they also name themselves after their rank, job title or something that describes an aspect of themselves.

It is not rare for a warforged to change his name when they feel their old one no longer suits them. Others could take names from other races, such as humans. An anti-warforged protest in Sharn. Prejudice Edit Despite the warforged's peaceful nature, most citizens of the five nations see them as reminders of a dark past. Some still see them as implements of destruction, killing machines and equipment made in the form of a man, and see them as a danger that must either be destroyed or removed from society.

Of the five nations it is Karrnath that has the least liberal social attitude towards warforged. Most Karrns see them only as machines rather than individuals, this is perhaps due to their relation with undead soldiers. Warforged prejudice isn't exclusive to Karrnath and there are those who make the common Karrn citizen seem fair in their views.

Some citizens hold outright racist views towards the warforged, an example of such an individual would be Nolan Toronak , a member of the Sharn council. Nolan endorses anti-warforged organizations and advocates the banishment or the murder and melting down of warforged. History Edit During the Last War House Cannith played a major role through arms dealing but it was in YK that they would create their greatest weapon. The first batch of warforged were created in Cannith's secret forgehold at Whitehearth Cyre.

The warforged were supplied to all five nations for each of the countries war efforts and brought great prosperity to the house for almost three decades. In YK the warforged were set free and given equal rights. This was somewhat traumatic for the warforged who were accustomed to having a single purpose with orders and instructions, in Karrnath and Thrane the warforged became indentured servants instructed to repair the damage of war whilst in Aundair, Breland and other nations the warforged became idle after losing their only purpose in life.

The idle warforged stood still in fields for days, hoping they'd receive orders but it wasn't until after a few weeks that they learned that the orders would never come so instead, warforged began to band together to seek out new purposes whilst others searched for leaders within their own race to give them meaning.Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable.

[D&D ] Eberron - Campaign Setting.pdf

Your name is well known in academic circles: Some of your fellow scholars praise you to the skies, while ot hers dismiss you as a hack. The result of this OCR process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching. Copy Link Tweet This. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the document containing your name and the order number of your eBook download. The otyughs swarmed around the drui Page 49 and Behavi or: You cling to the di sci pl i ne of mi l i t ary life because it is comfortable and familiar.

Average Rating 17 ratings. When you encount er a monster, try to come up with a useful r emi nder about its capabilities to share with your compan- ions, gleaned from the knowledge you've accumul at ed.