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Guerrilla Warfare is a military handbook written by Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. Published in following the Cuban Revolution, it became a reference. zetom.info - download Guerrilla Warfare book online at best prices in India on site. in. Read Guerrilla Warfare book reviews & author details and more at. Guerrilla Warfare book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Che Guevara, the larger-than-life hero of the revolutionary.

Guerrilla Warfare Book

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Guerrilla Warfare [Ernesto Che Guevara] on zetom.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Guerrilla Warfare by the revolutionary Che Guevara has. guerrilla warfare have become a question for theoretical discussions for .. war itself. There is no job or profession which can be learned from text-books alone. Find Guerrilla warfare books online. Get the best Guerrilla warfare books at our marketplace.

Guerrilla warfare

During the 19th century, it was commonly expected that opposing troops would formally array themselves for battle and engage in an all-out contest on a set-piece battlefield.

Guerrilla warfare, on the other hand, operates on the principles of stealth, surprise, hidden base camps, small-scale skirmishes, strategic retreats, advantageous terrain, and—importantly—propaganda.

These types of tactics, although foreign and even shameful to 19th-century thinking, were used repeatedly by the Gadianton robbers of the Book of Mormon. Like many other revolutionaries, the Gadianton robbers started out as a marginalized political group.

Recognizing the clear parallels to modern military history, Daniel Peterson noted, Like those who later faced Marxist insurgencies in Cuba, China, and Vietnam, the Nephite and Lamanite authorities had to do something.

They could not simply sit back and tolerate the depredations their Gadianton enemies practiced upon them. A firsthand glimpse of the political savviness of the Gadianton robbers can be seen in a letter from one of their leaders, Giddianhi.


His epistle to Lachoneus attempts both to flatter and intimidate the Nephite governor and his soldiers. Yet, like a number of guerilla forces throughout history, these robbers transitioned into standard pitched-battle tactics too soon.

But their prophetic chief captain, Gidgiddoni, warned them that such a course would lead to disaster—both militarily and spiritually.

This also involved gathering together their food and animals, leaving their lands completely desolate, in order to weather the siege v. John F.

Ten books that are better than The Art of War.

Hall and John W. Welch and John F. Kent Brown, ed. Andrew C. Skinner, D. Morgan Davis, and Carl W.

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Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, , — Benard, John W. Welch, and Daniel C. Griffith, trans.

Much has changed since Guevara's days of messengers and carrier pigeons. What makes this book interesting is what makes the guerrilla.


When I joined the Marines in the early s, I remember reading through the pre-boot camp material while on the delayed entry program. It explained what it is to be a Marine. How I would be trained to be a cut above the military servicemen around the world. We trained and acted on a higher standard.

There was a build up to being a Marine. The idea was to psych you up for the challenge.

Guevara seems to follow the same path. Guerrilla fighters were morally superior to the oppressors.

They were to treat the local population with respect and prove to the population that they were the good guys. When engaging the enemy, prisoners were not to be taken. There were to be lectured on the error of their ways and released. Injured enemies were to be given medical treatment.In addition to talking about the tactics of guerrilla warfare, some of which are no longer relevant, it also talks about its goals, the necessity of violence in the seizure of power, and the conditions necessary for revolution.

Don't waste your money. Guevara states that the "three fundamental lessons" of the Cuban Revolution are:.

Lists with This Book. Welch and John F. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. First is in editing.