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In this ULTIMATE Hibernate tutorial all major aspects like entity manager, session factory, inheritance and more are explained to quickly get. Guide to Java Persistence and Hibernate. Sebastian Hennebrueder . Lazy initialization, a Hibernate problem. . Generated with Auto Strategy. Hibernate Tutorial – The ULTIMATE Guide (PDF Download) | Java Code Geeks zetom.info

Hibernate Tutorial - The Ultimate Guide (pdf )

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“The first and only full tutorial, reference, and authoritative guide, and one of the most “The ultimate guide to the Hibernate open source project. It provides in-. Hibernate not only takes care of the mapping from Java classes to database This tutorial will teach you how to use Hibernate to develop your database based . This book provides a comprehensive overview of Hibernate. It covers how to Hibernate in Action is the definitive guide to using Hibernate and to object/rela-.

How do you implement a query that adapts the constructor call to different subentities? To be honest, the definition of the query was more complex than I expected.

I created a small inheritance hierarchy consisting of a Publication as the superclass and the subclasses Book and BlogPost.

As you can see in the diagram, the constructor expects 4 parameters with the values for the id , title , numPages and url properties. Id and title are mapped by the Publication entity and will be set for all PublicationPresentationValue objects.

The numPages property is specific for Book entities and will be null for all BlogPost s. I had to use a constructor with parameters for all properties of the DTO instead. You can see the query here.

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The query starts with a simple constructor expression that tells Hibernate to instantiate a PublicationPresentationValue object for each record. The interesting parts are the following lines of the query. The TYPE function returns the type of the selected entity. Year object to a Short. The interface only defines a method to convert the entity attribute to its database representation and another one for the inverse operation.

In this example, the implementation of these 2 methods is pretty simple because the Year class already provides methods to get the Integer value of a give Year object and to create a Year object from an Integer.

You can then either persist the Integer or you can try to save some space and cast it to a Short.

When you annotate your AttributeConverter with the Converter annotation, you should ask yourself if you want to use it for all attributes of the converted type. If you want to do that, you should set the autoApply attribute to true.

In this case, the decision is easy. Query executers and fields providers to enable you to use custom query languages. Support for charts. This is the place where you can send requests for help and technical questions about the use of the program. Error manager.

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Related titles.While writing the database layer, performance is very important because mistakes made here can potentially slow down your application and hamper its scalability, but at the same time, it's hard to find all the practical knowledge you need to create a high-performance data access layer. Year object to a Short.

The commercial license can be installed using the License Manager. Overall, only use this book if you are not able to read the first book on this list; otherwise, you have enough from the beginner level. Because of this, I have sorted these books on beginners' preference, starting from the first book, which I think is the most appropriate for any Hibernate beginners or Java developer learning the Hibernate framework.