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Monday, June 24, 2019

Istanbul Metro Map Updated. Istanbul's Tram, Metro, Funicular, Marmaray lines. High resolution maps as PDF files to download for free. It's fast and on time, and simple to use even for a foreigners with our interactive istanbul metro map and istanbul metro map PDF. We will add museum and. Printable & PDF maps of Istanbul transportation & transport network, tourist attractions map and other maps of Istanbul in Turkey.

Istanbul Metro Map Pdf

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Are you visiting Istanbul and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity? Moovit has easy-to-download transportation maps in PDF format. Latest public transportation map of Istanbul metro, tram and funicular. PDF files ( in English) to download for free. How to use metro, funicular. İstanbul Raylı Sistemler Ağ Haritası / Istanbul Railway Network Map. METRO. İSTANBUL. LEJANT / Legend. Hacıosman. Mevcut Hatlar / Lines in operation.

Tramcars were not modernized for many decades, and some of the electric cars were still running in the s. At that time modern buses provided faster and smoother journeys.

Because of those negative issues, tram system closed in mids. From the early s, traffic congestion worsened.

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Other cities around the world, e. Tunis and Buenos Aires , also understood that error, and like them, Istanbul also planned the return of tramway. As an experiment, Istanbul first opened a heritage tram at European side in Due to increasing popularity, they opened a modern tram system starting in , also at European side.

Now, the Asian side has a heritage tram system, whereas the European side has both a heritage tram and a modern tram system. As of , daily ridership was journey[ clarification needed ] and , passenger.

This line is the oldest underground metro line in continental Europe, and the second in the world after London. It has been continuously in service since It was originally steam-powered with two wooden trains serving parallel tracks.

It was modernized in The metro will pass through the new metro bridge which provides a great view of Golden Horn. Then it will arrive to Taksim Square.

M2 might help you to reach northern parts of Istanbul city from southernmost Istanbul: Historic Peninsula. It has 5 stops for now. This new vehicle is most efficient way to get to the Asia Side of Istanbul. The locals still love taking nostalgic ferry to commute between the Asia and Europe, only if they are not in hurry!

If you wish a swift journey between two continents, go for Marmaray. Metrobus Map Metrobus is actually nothing more than a regular bus with its own traffic lane.

Roads that lead to Bosphorus Bridge always heavily used. The people travelling from Asia Side to European Side having trouble when passing through the Bosphorus Bridge with regular bus.

Therefore Istanbul Municipality installed some private lanes for the Metrobus and hundreds of Mercedes busses are put into operation. It provides swift journey on the busy Istanbul roads. It also saves you from struggling with annoying token machines.This route was started in This is the daily group sightseeing tour, which is worth taking in order to get acquainted with the city.

You may travel from European Side to Asian Side or vise versa. To get to Kadikoy Asia Side possible from both sides.

It also saves you from struggling with annoying token machines.