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Julia London is a NYT, USA Today and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author of historical and contemporary romance. She is a six-time finalist for the RITA. London knows how to keep pages turning.” —Publishers WeeklyPassion and scandal collide in New York Times bestselling author Julia London's brand new. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. She was a lovely innocent, but she could not resist. edition by Julia London. Romance Kindle eBooks @ zetom.info

Julia London Ebook

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The Vicar's Widow: (Intermix) - Kindle edition by Julia London. Romance Kindle eBooks @ zetom.info Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Harrison Tolly is marrying the wrong sister. As steward at Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction. Editorial Reviews. zetom.info Review. Setting: Scotland and England Sensuality: 7 by Julia London. Romance Kindle eBooks @ zetom.info The Beautiful Stranger: The Rogues of Regent Street by [London, Julia]. Audible .

He tucked the letter under his useless left arm and broke the seal with his good hand, then quickly read its contents. It was a matter of some urgency, Mr. Seaver wrote. Fiona Haines. Duncan remembered her—a rather plain girl, save a pair of big, catlike amber eyes.

But that was all he remembered about her. However, her brother, Jack, now the Earl of Lambourne, was quite another story. Many years ago, before either of them were really men, Jack Haines and Duncan had vied for the same redheaded woman from Aberfeldy, and Duncan had lost to him. Duncan could not imagine what any of them would want with him now, but as he was a solitary man these days, his curiosity was piqued.

He turned partially toward the butler, glancing at him from the corner of his good eye. Cameron if you would, then. Christmas was still several days away, yet it was as if the worst of winter was setting in. Her aging Uncle Theodore and Aunt Lucy had always been very protective of her. It was dark by the time the carriage rolled to a stop in front of the very large and cheerless estate. Only two windows showed any light from within, and a pair of crows was battling over something near the entrance.

Just looking up at the cold gray monolith made Fiona shiver; she pulled her hood up over her head. The Gables was just like Blackwood, the enormous Buchanan estate situated in the Highlands. Blackwood had always seemed rather oppressive to her, even when it was the site for celebrations.

Her cousin had married in the chapel there when Fiona was a girl, and Fiona recalled thinking how strange it was to see all the flowers and cheerful music and smiling faces with thick stone walls and foreboding parapets in the background.

Jack, blast him! It was just like the rapscallion to have gone there, off for a bit of sport while he waited for the scandal to die in London and for Fiona to sweep up after him!

The door suddenly swung open, and a swath of light spilled out onto the drive. A butler stepped out and held his lantern high.

Seaver, I presume? Uncle Theodore did not hear well, but he understood the gesture, and with his hand firmly cupping her elbow, he propelled Fiona forward. As it turned out, the house was not nearly as imposing as it looked from the outside. In the main foyer, a woolen rug warmed the stone floor, and in addition to the usual sets of armor and swords that families like the Buchanans felt obliged to display on their walls, there was a vase of fresh hothouse flowers and a portrait of a beautiful woman gracing the small hearth.

Uncle Theodore was quick to help Fiona out of hers, and as he methodically removed his hat and gloves, his greatcoat, his scarf, and yet a second scarf and handed then to the butler, Fiona shook out her skirts and smoothed her lap. She was wearing one of her best gowns—it was brocade, claret in color and intricately embroidered.

It had been fashioned for her by one of the finest modistes in London, and her friend Lady Gilbert had remarked that it showed her figure to its fullest advantage.

Not that Fiona cared a wit what Duncan Buchanan might think of her figure, no sir, no indeed. She had ceased to care about anything to do with that arse several years ago. Having divested himself of what seemed a mound of clothing, Uncle Theodore grabbed the ends of his waistcoat and gave it a good tug before looking expectantly at the butler. The butler handed off the mound of clothing to a waiting footman, then bowed his head.

Fiona looked at her uncle. Her uncle winked and held out his arm. Fiona sighed again, put her hand on his arm, and lifted her chin. She would have to give it some thought. But one thing was certain—he was undoubtedly still the most tiresomely supercilious man in all of Scotland.

They were shown into a rather large drawing room that had been divided into two rooms by a pair of heavy drapes.

A man who was most decidedly not Buchanan rose from a chair as they entered and bowed respectfully to them. Fiona curtsied as she quickly glanced around the room, searching for the magic door through which Buchanan would strut and pause to look at her with disdain. There was no door.

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