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Sunday, April 28, 2019

The NOOK Reading App for iOS is crashing (closing unexpectedly). • Your Library appears blank or NOOK Books are missing. 1. Power cycle the device by . If you're having trouble opening content or reading on your NOOK, try these helpful If you are still having trouble with a specific eBook, refresh the title by either. NOOK ReadingTM for Android doesn't install on my smartphone or tablet. How do I assign a specific book, newspaper, magazine, or comic to a profile?.

Nook Book Doesnt

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Well, I, too, have a brand new laptop with Windows 10 and the Nook app doesn't work. It pretends to work. I can see all my books but I cannot open them up to. Christine US said: I downloadd several Nook books off the zetom.info site yesterday afternoon, and none of them downloaded to my Nook yet. Now suddenly it won't show and books when I go to store on th If that doesn't work, you can call customer service or take it to the store and ask for help.

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The Nook app is a solid app that deserves a place on the iOS device of any book lover. The Nook app is perfectly good for reading.

As you've probably come to expect if you've used any other ebook apps, reading via the Nook app is pretty simple. The text is displayed on the screen and as you finish reading that screen, you swipe to move to the next. The basic reading experience is good and allows you to concentrate on the text to the exclusion of distractions.

Customization Options If you're not satisfied with the default look of your book, the Nook app offers options for changing it. Tap the center of the screen and a menu with a number of icons drops down to allow customization. Nov 27, Bought a nook last week I love it!

I loaded some books. Now suddenly it won't show and books when I go to store on the device it's connected via wifi.

Any advice? I always do a hard restart if it acts a little flaky.

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It's like rebooting your computer. Just hold the power button down until it completely shuts down.

If that doesn't work, you can call customer service or take it to the store and ask for help. But they will start with a hard restart as well. Customer service is usually very helpful.

It worked thanks!!! Jennifer wrote: Mine did that some at the beginning, but then it seemed to settle down.

If you rub the screen while it's on, it will freak out and you might have to do it again. Sometimes the touch screen gets a little crazy and I will do a hard restart. But I've had mine since January and absolutely obsessed.

Dec 06, Just wanted to say thanks for this little thread. I've been going crazy with this for the past couple of days, and was just about to miss a good free book.

Don't know why I hadn't thought of that--DUH! Go to the windows store and download the free nook app there.

Aug 03, She wrote: Aug 04, You can also see other people's comments in their rating. Sometimes a update doesn't go well, and you can tell by the comments. Missyb wrote: Sometimes a update doesn't go well, and you can tell by the comments" Thinks ,I'll have to do that.

Aug 07, I just downloaded Windows 10 and so far I'm not impressed. I haven't tried any of the new apps yet, but I have had Nook for PC on my laptop for a long time and it still works.

Do site E-Books Work With the Nook?

Carlissa wrote: Sep 04, The Nook app does not work with Windows One can look forward for free nook alternatives also http: Chicago Tribune Jul 10, AM You don't own e-books the same way you own paper volumes, a point made more apparent by Microsoft Store's recent decision to close its books section and remove previously bought e-books from readers' devices. It is not related to the NOOK app update. Kind of amazing!

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