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Or in other words, encrypting an ebook. encryption protects information from access by anyone who is not authorized, but allows the. Use ebook DRM software to protect ebooks against piracy. Ebook protection enables Publishers to protect e-books against unauthorized distribution and use (stop sharing & copying), preventing revenue loss while still enabling authorized use. In Safeguard Secure PDF Writer, choose. Protect zetom.info provides software activation and copy protection for ebooks and digital publications. Real-time customer management, anti-piracy means and .

Protecting Ebook S

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Online piracy is a concern for publishers. They must look for ways to protect ebooks from online piracy. Read the blog to know 7 ways of doing. Store your files in encrypted, password protected zip files instead. How can I protect the ebooks of the users of my marketplace from copying?. Introducing uninterrupted research with DRM Free eBooks DRM free eBooks come with a personalized digital watermark, protecting you by identifying you as .

Total Control Management You can manage your document distribution online from any computer in the world with total control and immediate effect even over eBooks that have already been downloaded to a user's computer. For example you can cancel a document or control whether it can be printed or how many times. You can even control how long it's available for and whom. When DRM rights are assigned to documents they can only be opened by users authorized by the author publisher. Unauthorized users cannot open these documents, thus making ArtistScope DRM for documents the best defense from unauthorized sharing and forwarding because if anyone sends copies of the file to other people the document will be useless to them unless they also have the same access rights granted by the author.

By maintaining control from our DRM portal authors are empowered with total control over all aspects of a documents properties and their user's permissions: Restrict which users or groups can open which documents Set expiry dates validated by either local computer time or by time server Allow or limit the number of views by a user or group Allow or limit the number of prints by a user or group Allow or limit access by IP number or network ArtistScope DRM reduces the risk of exploitation by removing rights control from the user's computer and instead validating document permissions online.

Unlike DRM solutions provided in the past there is nothing on a user's computer that can be exploited to remove DRM such as registry keys and certificates. This means that by using ArtistScope DRM you can distribute eBooks or send a document to a client and maintain complete control while it's out in the wild - at any time you can stop that document from being viewed, and control whether it can be printed or how many times.

You can even control for how long it's available and who can open the document. Any changes that you make in your Control panel will take immediate effect, even on documents stored on CD or already downloaded to the user's computer. Even if a client or user reneges on their agreement or payment, or if a document gets posted to a public web site, you can easily revoke the permissions of that user or disable the document.

Online Book Cover Design Tool Authoring an eBook can create a work of art but then you need a book cover design to use in your promotions.

The images that you use to promote your eBook are most important and usually the first thing that anyone sees when looking for any book. Book cover images need to look good and the best author may not have any experience in design or working with images, which is why ArtistScope created a special book cover designer that works from a web page. Now anyone, even people with little to no design experience can, with the use of pre-made templates, create a clean professionally designed book cover design and generate both full sized and thumbnail images to use in their promotions.

Decide whether you want to make the ebook expire on a specific date, after a number of views, after a number of prints, or after a number of days from opening. You might want to make an ebook expire if you want to provide a sample for a limited period of time.


Allow or stop screen grabbing. Allow or deny offline use. In most circumstances you probably want to allow users to view ebooks without having to be connected to the Internet.

You can however enforce a connection after a certain number of days and then never again so that if a chargeback is made you can instantly revoke access. Ebook Protection and DRM.

Items to consider when choosing e-book protection software There are many issues to consider see below when protecting ebooks.

If someone downloads an ebook, they feel that it should be theirs to keep to do what they like with. A physical copy is quite different to a digital copy due the fact that an identical copy can be easily produced and quickly distributed.

There is no need for the photocopier and the use of the postal system when you are dealing with digital e-books — a simple file copy and email distribution or uploading to a web site will do. E-book publishers want to protect their IPR and prevent loss of revenue by stopping ebook copying and unauthorized distribution, however attractive they are to the downloadr.

eBooks FAQ

Licensing authorized devices. You need to address on how many devices should an e-book be allowed to be installed on. An e-book publisher might argue that one is enough — just the same as if a person had downloadd a single copy of a physical book.

A user would argue they need to use it on several devices. Good e-book protection systems use DRM to allow you to specify the number of devices the e-book can be used on.

Offline use. It is important that the e-book protection system is capable of allowing permanent offline use. There are various software tools available which allow you to restrict users from editing and printing your document. Thus, you can prevent sharing and unauthorized changes from being made to your content.

Password Protect your eBook Files: When someone downloads a copy of your eBook, email them the password. This way you can be assured that genuine users have access to your eBooks.

Protect ebook with ebook Protection Software

Only those who download your copies can have the access codes to open the eBook. Legal Copyright Protection: Register for copyright protection. This would help in proving that you are the creator and the rightful owner of your work.

Create a legal notice stating that all rights are reserved by you and get it verified from a lawyer so that if anyone tries to copy or resell your content, you can easily sue them. No part of this book may be reproduced or modified in any form, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Select any random statement from your eBook and create a google alert, so that if that particular statement is pasted anywhere on the internet, you can be instantly notified of it.Ebooks in any one of those DRM systems are incompatible with the others. Properly protecting eBooks is really up to the author who needs to assess their market, usage and what is at stake should their eBook be copied and redistributed to all and sundry, and if they do want properly protect their eBook and their livelihood then there is a lot that can be done.

Why do I need an Adobe ID?

Don’t limit how or where you can access the content of your eBook

Hence, ebook theft is a constant concern for writers and other content producers eg, graphic designers, photographers, etc. Prevent unauthorized distribution of protected ebooks, control who can read your ebooks and on which computer thanks to the integrated software activation. Although it made them easier to pirate and upload elsewhere on the internet, the digital watermarkings still showed the original owners of the pirated versions.

Use ebook DRM software to protect ebooks against piracy What is e-book protection? Image upload and template selection For background images you can upload your own images or select from an extensive clip art library.

Hence, the third option of storing the code on the server itself making it virtually impossible to crack. The ebook needs first to be turned into a cloud ebook app.