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Der neue Tugendterror. Über die Grenzen der Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland ist ein Sarrazin stellte darin „14 Axiome des Tugendwahns im Deutschland der Gegenwart“ auf. .. Buch erstellen · Als PDF herunterladen · Druckversion. 1. Sept. nisterialrats Sarrazin beschwert, die er als Eingriff in seine Zustän- .. nis entstammend, einem Tugendterror in neuer und schrecklicher. Thilo Sarrazin Neues Buch - [FREE] THILO SARRAZIN NEUES BUCH Thilo Sarrazin Sarrazin „Der neue Tugendterror“ | PI-NEWS Sarazenen – Wikipedia Der.

Sarrazin Tugendterror Pdf

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Sarrazin Neues Buch - [FREE] SARRAZIN NEUES BUCH Sarrazin neue Tugendterror“ | PI-NEWS Sarazenen – Wikipedia Der Begriff. März Sarrazin Buch - [PDF] [EPUB] Sarrazin Buch Autoren-Porträt von Thilo Sarrazin Thilo Sarrazin „Der neue Tugendterror“ | PI-NEWS Religiöser. Meinungsfreiheit ist ein Grundrecht. Doch im Alltag begegnet man so manchem Denk- und Redeverbot. Thilo Sarrazin analysiert in seinem neuen Hörbuch den.

People share things, because the action makes representational, social, informative or other sense and value for them. The configurability of culture is nothing new; people doing or creating culture as cultural principle in general but that unfolds its potential in the ongoing developments of media, technology, economy and society. Users produce culture in a process shared with others; they select media artifacts and change or add value through its variation cf.

Sinnreich: Behind these practices lies the assumption of an active user or participant, who is able and willing to participate and who has with the social media a chance to take part in it.

Digital artifacts, rising from social action, are processes and products of communication. In the re-mediation processes, they gain and change semantic dimensions, what is very popular on video platforms. Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture.

Thilo Sarrazin

Lucke Among them the parodic remediations are a test case to explore new media configurations. How media encounters could lead to new narrations and formations? A parody is an imitation, a different repetition and a relation to other texts cf. Kuester It has a reference, which is repeated and, in the process, varied. A parody could imitate parts or layers, often with a comical intention cf. It is a form of expression and a genre larded with humor. A digital parody has precursors and its origins lies somewhere in the simulacrum of signs Baudrillard There is a pool of pop cultural symbols, forms and patterns, which circulates in various imitations through the web.

The main aspects of the social media digitalness, networkdness, participation are influencing the kind of digital parodies. Any content could be used for reconfiguring and remediating in a process shared with others. A comical intention defines these artifacts and brings in certain attractiveness; it makes using and reusing a joyful and easy activity.

The digital artifacts are often an ephemeral attraction. Its common references lay in popular forms and reflections, which are easy to re use and recognize and therefore successful in spreading.

The first test case is from the user Politikpest at YouTube, who made a row of 6 videos in which he read extracts from the book of Thilo Sarrazin. The clips are animated collages, with talking heads and a voice varied with a voice changer. His mouth is animated in open-and-close movements. His eyes were replaced by non-human, red eyes.

The style resembles a cartoon.

That has a curious effect and plays with expectations of an ironic or satiric mocking of someone. The transformation of the eyes could be on one hand a sign to mark Sarrazin as evil or not to take serious on the other hand it generates attention for the text and gives a unusual reading with this humorous accentuation.

Parodic remediations in digital spaces of media lived experience: The case of the Thilo Sarrazin Controversy in Germany 9 Figure 1. The terminator has also an animated moving mouth. He brings the bad news about the future from Sarrazin, who is a dramaturgical comrade. The non-fictional text from Sarrazin is transformed and performed in a funny and dramatic play.

The videos are placed in the YouTube category: news and politics. The parody forms are used to catch attention for the purpose of disseminating information and advertising the book.

That could be a new genre of a digital book presentation larded with fun to wrap information. The elements are in a contradictory combination, the serious book text gets a comical intention through the audiovisual mise-en-scene.

The clip challenges known imaginations from mocking video-clips because in the background it stays a serious book reading whereas in the foreground the presentation is parodic. Screenshot from acKronac The remediation practice of a recycling from all kinds of sources, which focuses certain body parts such as eyes and mouth, is often used in Youtube-Videos.

There are programs that have functions to refashion material easily.

In the clip the characters could easily be recognized as German politicians because for their heads photographed portraits from the politicians are reused, which are circulating in the world wide web. The clip is a continuation of theses from Thilo Sarrazin with a criticism of the contemporary political and media system. The simple style offers again not a mocking about the author Thilo Sarrazin or the book, but about the political elite.

The clip is a transformation from a textual book into an animated audiovisual short piece. They are exaggerated and simplified here to encapsulate certain conservative and racist positions concerning migration, intelligence and lower class. The example shows how it is possible to catch attention in a simple and playfull manner with animated caricatures and how to spread artifacts via connections in discoursive online networks.

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Parodic remediations in digital spaces of media lived experience: The case of the Thilo Sarrazin Controversy in Germany 11 Digital parodies are practices where animation and a mix of styles and elements are transformed in a collage or caricature.

These forms are used to criticize the current system and to wrap this with humour. Often, as the test cases show, the authors could be hidden behind uploaders and nicknames.

They create hybrid digital genres such as book lectures or comments and circulate in ephemeral networks. For a better understanding of modern usages it is necessary to trace the practices back, and to take a look at the practices and perceptions of preexisting media. Caricatures and parodies have a long history related to art and print media. Figure 3. For more caricatures see e. Hugo is exaggerated characterized as writer and thinker with a big head and a focus on his forehead.

Genocide: Terminology, Dimension, Prevention

Parodies as distorted pictures are a general media expression and they are being refashioned in digital media, where, due to the digitalness, networkedness and participation, they become very vibrant and entertaining within ephemeral circulations of content and context. Conclusion The remediations of the controversy about Thilo Sarrazin contribute to current as well as previous digital practices.

Their parodic play lead to new media re-configurations offering new experiences. Digital parodies work with technics of reducing and focusing, giving content a comical intention and fit well for the limited length of videos.

The remediations show expressing, taking part, sharing, being online and acting within the social web. They form ephemeral and fluid patterns, which could form new digital genres. Parody is used as a form to tamper with the material and to experience it as well in a certain ludic of configuration and reconfiguration.

As the traces show, parody is one remediation practice, which is in social media very famous, public and easy to create and share. These digital artifacts are also created along the characteristics of social media: digitalness, networkedness and participation.

Technologies, like filters or programs, which help imitate an effect, aesthetic or other kind, from preexisting media, are conducive to remediating any kind of content. Often the forms are not so elaborated as in the days of elitist artists, but the demand is also different.

The artifacts are ephemeral daily usages, experienced in a range from banal to extraordinary depending on the users interests in relation to their small life worlds. Wer das kritisiert, betreibt laut dem Buch Tugendterror. Dabei preist sich der Autor im Nachwort selbst: Der Inlandsredakteur Daniel Bax von der taz meinte: Etwas Neues steht aber nicht wirklich darin.

Eher ist es der Versuch, aus einer alten Erfolgsnummer noch einmal neues Kapital zu schlagen. Aber ohne Zweifel: Die Debatte ist notwendig — und beginnt sich Raum zu schaffen. Darin beklagt er linken Tugendterror in Deutschland. The rich should feel guilty. Exception: Rich people who have earned their money as athletes or pop stars.

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All cultures are of equal rank and value. Especially the values and ways of life of the Christian occident and Western industrialised nations should not enjoy any preference. Those who think differently are provincial and xenophobic.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Those who see any problems with immigration from Islamic countries are guilty of Islamophobia. This is nearly as bad as antisemitism. Western industrialised nations carry the main responsibility for poverty and backwardness in other parts of the world. Men and women have no natural differences, except for the physical signs of their sex.

Human abilities depend mainly on training and educations; inherited differences play hardly any role. There are no differences between peoples and races, except for their physical appearance. The nation state is an outdated model. National identities and peculiarities have no particular value. The national element as such is rather bad; it is at any rate not worth preserving. The future belongs to the world society.

All people in the world do not only have equal rights. They are in fact equal. They should at least all be eligible for the benefits of the German welfare state.

Children are an entirely private affair. Immigration takes care of the labour market and of any other demographic problems. The core of the problem So far the list.

In this condensed form it sounds like a joke. These are the hidden axioms of the prevailing political mindset in Germany and probably elsewhere as I see them. Every item on the list has a high emotional value for those who believe in it.

The core of the problem is: Partly moral und partly ideological attitudes are taken at face value and mixed up with reality. It is a permanent task, I am afraid, to sort that out. It makes me faintly optimistic though that, after all the turmoil, I am still morally alive and not, as a person and an author, ignominiously buried and forgotten. That had certainly been the intention of the vast majority of the political and the media class.

But, for once, the general public publicly disagreed. This, in itself, is a matter of satisfaction not only for me but for many people in Germany. In this case, nobody could deny that I am an expert on the matters I wrote about.Remediations of Congolese urban dance music in Kinshasa.

Dead-End Europe? Asylum and Refugee Policy in Focus

In the process, the controversy changed from a scandal about the person Thilo Sarrazin into a defense of the freedom of speech cf. Pfeifer, Wolfgang et al.

There are programs that have functions to refashion material easily. Subsequently I illustrate the cultural practice of remediation along the three characteristics of social media digitalness, networkedness and participation.