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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

THE LIBRARIES. (OLUM BIA UNIVERSITY. Digitized by. Google. ~ DUE DATE I. S~\). o a. Rmtm4t~ I=J:R. s. 1 5 . s i. J. r. J /. l 1 e Ekhtiyar Ma'refat Al-Rijal (Arabic:اختیار معرفه الرجال) is a book in the sphere of Rijal written by Shaykh Tusi. Tusi mentioned the reason of writing the book as such that there are many faults in the Kashi's Rijal book. He was born according to praying of twelfth imam of shia namely Mahdi He learned significant level of. Rijal e Kashi by Allamah Kashi; Rijal e Nijashi by Allamah Ahmed bin Ali-al Najashi · Rijal e Tusi by Shaykh Tusi; Mojam Rijal e.

Shia Book Rijal Kashi

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Rijal of al-Kashi. From WikiShia. Redirect page. Jump to: navigation, search. Redirect to: Ikhtiyar ma'rifat al-rijal (book). Retrieved from. Urdu Books. Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Al-Kulayni · Baqir Majlisi · Sheikh Sadooq · Allama Sayyid Murtaza Askari · Allama Zameer Akhtar Naqvi · Mohammad Tijani . Rijal Al Kashi Urdu Pdf Download. 1/3. Rijal Al Kashi Urdu Pdf Download. 2/3. Download shia books urdu aadab e islami ndash volume i pdf.

That is non-sensical. Answering-Ansar has tried to justify this by claiming that Imam Bukhari was taught by Shia scholars.

Ikhtiyar Ma'rifat al-Rijal -Al Kashi

But no knowledgeable or rational person can accept this proposition. We revere Jafar as-Sadiq just like we revere Ali ibn abi Talib. All of these individuals were Sunni, and this is why we find there to be no problem with Imam Jafar teaching Imam Bukhari if indeed he did.

If Answering-Ansar could find even one place in which Humayd ibn Ziyad is properly condemned as a non-Shia, then surely they would have provided it. If he was a reliable enough source for Imam Al-Kulayni, then surely he should be reliable enough for Answering-Ansar.

We find that no reliable Shia book of Rijal questions Humayd ibn Ziyad. To completely end all debate on this issue, we find that Al-Islam. Therefore, there is no way that Answering-Ansar can doubt Humayd ibn Ziyad, unless they doubt the words of Ayatollah Khomeini who was the sole representative of the Hidden Imam. Hisham bin Salim Ansar. When we want to know the authenticity of a narrator this is our first port of call.


A similar thing has been reported about Hisham ibn Al-Hakam. So how then can Answering-Ansar question his reliability? It is indeed a sign of their desperation to cast doubt on even one of the narrators in this Hadith. So Answering-Ansar, unable to find a text that deemed Hisham ibn Salim as unauthentic, had to use what little they had against him and then jump to the conclusion that having one errant belief makes a person unreliable, a view that is not held by any of the Shia scholars.

To completely negate the Answering-Ansar claim, we shall quote from Al-Islam. We find then that Al-Islam. And then Al-Islam. Therefore, we see that Al-Islam. It is strange then that Answering-Ansar would reject their own authority figures, all in an attempt to bolster their polemical stance against the Sunnis.

This is a very irresponsible attitude of the Answering-Ansar high school and college students. These words of the Imam are similarly worded in Rijjal Maqqani Volume 1 page Answering-Ansar has tried to make the claim that being a Waqfi means that a narrator automatically becomes unreliable.

But this is not what the Shia Rijal critics have said. Although having such a belief is incorrect, a person can still very much be reliable according to Shia criterion.

There are many other narrators in the Shia texts of Rijal that have been declared Waqfi and Thiqah trustworthy at the same time. The Shia consider Allamah Hullee to be an expert in the field of narrators. The kids at Answering-Ansar are flouting their scholarship when they claim that being a Waqfi automatically means that a narrator is not reliable in terms of narration.

Much in the same way that Answering-Ansar has cast doubt on Hisham ibn Salim despite the fact that the more authoratative Al-Islam. Again, Al-Islam. Again, we find that Answering-Ansar has taken a position that is not in conformity with their scholars in order only that their polemical position against the Sunni is bolstered.

This is a very irresponsible attitude. It is difficult to take a different position when we consider that he was one of the foremost Shia fuqaha of Kufa.

Sulayman ibn Khalid Answering-Ansar says Ansar. If the Imam as was aggrieved by his death then it does not mean that it was because he deemed him to be a reliable narrator, grief could be for a number of reasons, do we not have friends that for example are Non Muslim? Are we not heartbroken when they die? Grief may simply have been on account of the cordial relations that existed between the two men.

And now they are claiming that one of his students was a Sunni. This is like an Ayatollah being taught from a Deobandi or Salafi scholar. It is an absurd proposition.

All of these individuals were Sunni, and this is why we find there to be no problem with Imam Bukhari being a student of Imam Muhammad Baqir if he was.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 April , at Imam wrote with his own handwriting that Khums is after the costs of living. But it was carried on under the guise of law and order and many unacceptable excuses were offered to justify these irreligious and ungodly arrogation's and many more will be repeated in the future.

Rijal Al Kashi

Because as we said issuing this ruling was by using the authorities of religious governor and this should follow the amount of needs. Extracted From Hazrat Ali R. II i 4J.