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Image result for kolam book Kolam Dots, Rangoli With Dots, Simple Rangoli, Happy Shappy Rangoli Borders, Rangoli Patterns, Rangoli Ideas, Kolam Rangoli . Image result for kolam book Rangoli Borders, Rangoli Patterns, Rangoli Ideas, 3dots Kolam Flower Rangoli, Kolam Rangoli, Indian Rangoli, Simple Rangoli. Easy and Simple Kolam designs - Kindle edition by SUSEE SEKAR. Download it Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best.

Simple Kolam Book

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hi i am bhagya my prt name is sony can any one guide me how i can see the kolam designs frm this book as i am very crazy of kolam and very. dotted rangoli designs book • kolam rangoli designs • kolangal designs • muggulu side designs • pongal kolam designs • rangoli designs for sankranthi • rangoli. Image result for kolam book Kolam Dots, Rangoli With Dots, Simple Rangoli, Here's a combo of simple sikku kolams with dot pattern 1 -5 parallel dots.

Kolam patterns are usually drawn on the ground outside the gate of the house.

The ground is first made wet so that the kolam will stick to the ground. If the surface is made of cement or stone, Kolam designs are drawn using wet rice flour. They are more durable than dry rice flour Kolams.

However, Kolam designs are meant to last a day or two. In villages, people wash the ground outside the house with cow dung mixed with water.

This is intended to sanitise the area as cow dung is thought to have antiseptic properties and also provides a darker background for the white Kolam patterns to stand out.

Wedding ceremonies usually involve elaborate kolams with lots of colours outside the wedding hall as well as in the courtyard of the wedding halls. South Indian temples also host a variety of kolams.

Kolam Designs, Pulli kolam collections, kolam with dots, Muggulu designs

Women apply kolam designs outside temples when their prayers and wishes are fulfilled. These Kolams sometimes spill into the streets surrounding the temples and provides a festive welcome to temple visitors.

Some household apply readymade stickers with kolam designs even inside their homes as they are easy to maintain and last longer than just a day! Kolam stickers are usually used in the corner of the house where all the photos and statues of Hindu Gods are kept typically known as the Puja room or shelf. It is thought that kolam and rangoli designs are based on Tantrik mandalas and yantras that represent various gods and goddesses and natural spirits.

Here is how Devdutt Pattnaik explains the significance of kolam designs.

Pongal Beautiful Kolam and Rangoli designs to decorate during Pongal festivities

A circle represented nature while a square represented culture. A lotus represented the womb. A pentagram represented Venus and the five elements. Kolam designs have caught the attention of researchers as well. Timothy Waring from the University of Maine has created a software application that provides a library of kolam designs and generates new kolam patterns.

In North India, Kolam is called Rangoli. The key difference being the use of different colours, usually from natural products such as turmeric, vermillion, coloured rice, dry flour and flowers. While women in Tamil Nadu have made Kolam a daily habit, you will find Rangoli mostly during major festivals such as Diwali or during auspicious functions such as a wedding. Kolam designs with dots — Step by step instructions Here are a couple of videos from Thilagalakshmi Sridharan and S2 Kolam that provide detailed instructions for creating Kolam designs with dots.

These Kolam designs are simple and are suitable for beginners. If you would to graduate beyond basic Kolam designs, check out these instructional videos by Sudha Balaji. Kolam design with 6 dots Kolam design with 9 dots Kolam design with 11 dots Kolam designs without dots — Step by step instructions Here are a couple of instructional videos for creating Kolam designs without using the dots.

These videos were created by Rajeshwari Arun and Easy Rangoli. Kolam designs for Pongal Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated across Tamil Nadu.

One of the highlights of the Pongal festival is the colourful Kolam designs that every household create to celebrate the occasion. We picked out five Pongal Kolam designs for your inspiration.

The Pongal Kolam designs were originally published here and here. Kolam and Rangoli designs for Diwali Diwali is one of the major festivals of India and is a celebration of good over evil and light over dark. Diwali Kolam and Rangoli designs are stunning and most Hindu households across India bring out their best designs and patterns to celebrate Diwali.

Here are five Diwali Kolam patterns. Diwali kolam designs were originally published here. Margazhi Kolam designs Winter is celebrated in Tamil Nadu with elaborate kolam designs.

Kambi Kolam

Called Margazhi kolams, they also come with a pumpkin flower in the middle of the kolam. Here are three margazhi kolam patterns. Art and music were blended with Indian culture since it was originated. India has rich and powerful cultural value. Its heritage is uncomparable. Rangoli is one of the richest Indian arts.

Kolam Designs – 42 Patterns To Rock Any Occasion!

Every Indian, especially women should know and how to present creatively the Rangoli design. Women will be taught Rangoli from their childhood onwards by their parents. Rangoli stands for Row of colors. Our motto of launching this website is to bring the attention of everyone to learn Rangoli.

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This art should not be extinct. In this website I have presented a simple tutorial that makes everyone to learn Rangoli design very easily.

I have presented range of designs from expert. Basically Indians get everything from the Nature.

The idea of making Rangoli designs and colors is taken from butterfly, peacock, flowers, leaves etc. If you have a closer look on clouds in the sky, Cross cut trunk of a tree, nerves of a leaf and River you would notice some design pattern. If you absorb the color combination of butterfly, Bees, peacock you wonder the nature.

The Basic idea of Rangoli is creative design that filled with rich colors. Top Best rangoli This is the collection of best handpicked Rangoli over 5 years. It includes hand drawn and street real Rangoli on festivals. View Collection Top best Kolam Kolam has more of lines connected.

We have chosen the best of best Kolam collection by our team and guest.I learnt this art from my grand mother, my mum and my aunts. We picked out two kolam designs specifically used for Karthigai Deepam festival that fall after Deepavali in Tamil Nadu. We picked eight designs.

These and other questions await further study. Every Indian, especially women should know and how to present creatively the Rangoli design. There is no reference to kolam in Tamil word-lists called nigandus, in earlier Tamil literature or in the ancient paintings or in travellers' accounts.

This is over years ago! When ever we go to my grandmother's place, a is village near Madurai in Tamil nadu, India I get the chance to draw such beautiful kolams and rangolis at the front and back yard of our house.