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Title: ((DOWNLOAD)) EPUB Thinking with Type Second Revised and Expanded Edition A Critical Guide for Desig, Author: trimsj, Name. (Epub Download) Thinking with Type, Second Revised and Expanded Edition: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, and Students. See the Glog! Thinking with Type, 2nd revised and expanded edition by Ellen Lupton pdf epub txt mobi: text, images, music, video | Glogster EDU - Interactive.

Thinking With Type Epub

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[PDF] Download Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, Students Ebook | READ ONLINE Download File. [PDF] Download Thinking With Type Ebook | READ ONLINE Download => https:// zetom.info?book= Download Thinking. “Type is the foundation of print and web design. Everything you need to know about thinking with type, you will find here. This richly detailed update to the classic.

When you add obfuscation, you make it more difficult for a reader to unzip the EPUB file, extract the font, and install it on another system. When you add DRM, on the other hand, you encrypt the entire contents of the EPUB file, and you lock the reader into a single device or reading platform. Because reading systems were split on which font obfuscation method they supported, EPUB creators were forced to create two versions of the file, one of each using the two methods.

However, as of this writing, the major reading systems are no longer split in this regard and are using the obfuscation recommended by the IDPF. Therefore, preparing two files is no longer necessary. If you come by such advice on the Web, it is based on outdated information. Previous versions of InDesign used the Adobe obfuscation method. The biggest offender in this regard is any version of Adobe InDesign before CS6, which uses the Adobe obfuscation method.

Since InDesign is the tool of choice for many ebook creators who have not yet updated to version CS6, it is little wonder that there is so much confusion. You can easily check which type of obfuscation your software is applying to a font. Look for a file named encryption. Simply changing a line in the encryption.

EPUB Compatibility

You need a tool that employs the IDPF algorithm that is supported by the major reading systems. The fonts that I tested rendered as expected on the major reading platforms.

Now that the reading systems are supporting the same obfuscation method, we should see more tools like Sigil emerge, which will make adding font obfuscation easier. Subsetting a Font When you embed a font, you can optionally choose to subset it. When you subset a font, you include only the glyphs that you need, i.

If you were to subset the font before embedding it, the character information for the alpha would be thrown out since it is not needed in the context of your EPUB. The primary advantage of subsetting an embedded font is that doing so reduces the file size, sometimes significantly. I then prepared yet another version of the EPUB, only this time I subsetted the font so that it included support for the 18 glyphs that I needed for the epigraph. The results were dramatic: the file size dropped from KB to 15 KB, and the characters rendered as expected.

You can subset a font and you can obfuscate a font, or any combination therein. While it makes sense to subset a font when you embed it, there are few tools that make it easy to do so.

As with obfuscation, Adobe InDesign CS6 is probably the best commercial tool available for subsetting. When you create an EPUB file with InDesign CS6, it both subsets and obfuscates embedded fonts by default, which is arguably the best possible result since you are effectively addressing licensing requirements and file size concerns simultaneously. The counterargument might be that InDesign is overzealous since there is no way to disable subsetting and obfuscation.

You can even choose the exact characters that you wish to subset, which is what I did for the epigraph. While this tool is useful, it has several limitations.

Also, it is somewhat slow my test took several minutes and can only be used via the Font Squirrel web interface.

Thinking with Type, 2nd revised and expanded edition by Ellen Lupton pdf epub txt mobi

Licenses are typically downloadd from a font foundry such as Monotype Imaging or Adobe or typeface designers operating independently. As described in this useful FAQ from Monotype , standard font licenses typically allow installation of the font on a number of servers or workstations for use on print products.

Additional and usually separate licensing is available for embedding a font on a website or an EPUB.

Importantly, the font data ceases to be a separate, usable font file, which protects the font from unauthorized use. Be careful to keep this ambiguity in mind when reviewing font licenses for possible embedding in EPUB. An Adobe license, for example, may in fact permit the use of embedding, but probably not in the way that we mean in the context of EPUB.

As described in Maybe You Should , there are plenty of good reasons to embed fonts, so the extra work may very well be worthwhile. You have a couple of options, covered in the next sections.

CSS At-rules

Use an Open Font If commercial font licensing in EPUB seems intimidating and perhaps just not worth the added overhead, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of embedding by using a font with an open license. Services such Google web fonts and Font Squirrel offer hundreds fonts that are free for commercial use. Google web fonts has the added bonus of being optimized for the screen, so they should look good in many reading systems.

If nothing else, these services provide a fun and free way to experiment without having to worry about a license should you decide to embed the font in your final product. Just to get a sense of the variety of licenses, take a look at the Wikipedia open source Unicode typefaces page.

Contact the Foundry Directly If you want to include a commercial font, consider contacting the foundry directly. The types of licenses that are available for font embedding can vary among foundries and the fonts that they offer.

This removes reader functionality which may not be relevant for those genres e. For more details, see this chart.

If set, the page will be rendered in landscape mode spread but not in portrait mode single page.

Frequently bought together

Authors must however provide specific markup i. We recommend not trying to implement those features in your app unless JavaScript is strictly disabled for authoring purposes. Attributes The iBooks Reading System is using a set of custom attributes to manage styling and features.

This attribute is used to apply reading modes background-color, color and filter.

A handful of authors have been using them as a replacement to alternate stylesheets in iBooks. This attribute is used to indicate DOM elements for which the font-family must be changed when the user applies a typeface. This attribute is used to indicate DOM elements for which text-align must be changed when the user sets justification preferences.Fantastic free ebooks for both beginners and creative pros. A quick search on your favourite search engine will reveal hundreds of ebook offerings, making it difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff.

InDesign does this automatically when an ePub is exported. You need a tool that employs the IDPF algorithm that is supported by the major reading systems. If you're designing for the web and want your layouts and interfaces to be accessible and visually intuitive, this free ebook from UXPin is an invaluable resource.

By doing so, you are putting you or your organization at risk.

[DOWNLOAD] EPUB Thinking with Type, 2nd revised and expanded edition: A Critical Guide for

Now that the reading systems are supporting the same obfuscation method, we should see more tools like Sigil emerge, which will make adding font obfuscation easier. Views Total views.

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